#FoodWithAStory Fireside Chat: Green Queen Founder Sonalie Figueiras Interviews Raiz The Bar Founder Chef Priscilla Soligo

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November 2017 Update: Raiz The Bar has now shut down operations.

On Wednesday September 28th 2016, Green Queen Founder Sonalie Figueiras sat down with Priscilla Soligo, Founder Chef of Hong Kong chocolate company Raiz The Bar at Mettā, the global entrepreneur’s club, for an intimate fireside chat as part of the latter’s F&B Tech month. Watch the two part video interview below and be inspired by Soligo’s incredible journey:

  • Hear Soligo’s fascinating story from devoted mum to wellpreneur extraordinaire.
  • Find out what it takes to create, manufacture and market a certified organic food product in Hong Kong.
  • Listen to the challenges and obstacles that Soligo faced as she developed what Figueiras calls the world’s best chocolate.
  • Learn more about Soligo’s commitment to ethical sourcing and her passion for creating a premium quality product.

Part 1: All About Chocolate

Part 2: Family & Business

Editor’s Note: this video was produced in-house by Green Queen. We wish to thank the team at Mettā,  a global entrepreneurs’ club that connects people, ideas and resources with the mission of connecting the global startup ecosystem for hosting us in their Lan Kwai Fong headquarters.

Lead image by Green Queen.