Visual Explainer: Plant-Based Food Delivery Grows 100% Year On Year As Consumers Demand Healthy Options

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Deliveroo Hong Kong, one of city’s largest food delivery operators, has recently revealed the stunning growth in demand for plant-based food orders amongst Hong Kong residents. While vegan and vegetarian food has steadily grown in popularity over the past year, the food delivery giant says that there has been a spike since the coronavirus pandemic, which has heightened consumer attention on health and food safety. Here are some of the major statistics that Deliveroo Hong Kong released.

Speaking to Green Queen, a spokesperson for Deliveroo Hong Kong said that the trend for plant-based dining is getting stronger by the day: “Restaurants are seeing the growing trend on healthy options and hence added more vegan/vegetarian menu items to attract customers.”

He added, “almost every district across the city has seen a boost in restaurants on the Deliveroo platform that offer plant-based dishes, to meet the growing demand for healthier, greener choices, with the number of Deliveroo partner restaurants serving vegan items in some districts more than doubling.”

The spokesperson also underlined that as a result of this explosive demand for plant-based food, Deliveroo is now making an active effort to boost its vegan option coverage even further. Christian Mongendre, who is behind 3 of the 5 most popular vegetarian restaurant outlets on Deliveroo, said that they have “expanded through Deliveroo and Editions in Wan Chai and Quarry Bay, and by doing so we have been able to create two more new virtual brands,” including the Middle-Eastern focused Origin by Treehouse and high-quality burgers brand Burgers by Treehouse.

To showcase the skyrocketing rise in their vegan and vegetarian food deliveries have jumped over the past months, Deliveroo Hong Kong shared some key stats which Green Queen Media turned into the below infographic for a visual representation of the rise in plant-based food delivery.

Source: Green Queen Media with data from Deliveroo Hong Kong

Lead image courtesy of Deliveroo & infographic created by Green Queen Media.

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