Veteran Hong Kong TCM Manufacturer Launches First Ever Herbal Wellness Pet Brand

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Wai Yuen Tong, an established Chinese medicine manufacturer in Hong Kong, has recently developed a new line of herbal wellness supplements for pets. Called ProVet, the brand’s supplements are designed by cats and dogs and are made of 100% natural plant ingredients known to promote health and well-being according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Collaborating with Hong Kong animal charity SPCA, a portion of the proceeds from sales through the organisation will go towards funding shelters for abandoned animals in the city. 

Launched last month, ProVet is a new brand developed by 123-year-old Chinese medicine company Wai Yuen Tong and partnering veterinary teams from the Canine Rehabilitation Institute and the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). 

All its supplements contain 100% natural plant ingredients such as cordyceps, shiitake mushrooms, longan fruit and lingzhi mushrooms that are known to promote wellness and immune-functioning in TCM, encased in pet-friendly vegetarian capsules.

“Our ProVet story is simple: bridging my love for animals with the concept of generating wellness through the healing properties of Chinese remedies,” said Vivian Tang, founder of ProVet and executive director of the family business Wai Yuen Tong.

“Pet supplements aren’t one-size-fits-all. We wanted to focus on making tailored pet supplements for all ages and conditions,” she added. 

In collaboration with SPCA, who will be selling ProVet’s products on its website and in-person store centres, each sale via the organisation will see HK$20 donated towards projects to new shelters and providing care for abandoned animals. 

ProVet’s products will also be available on the brand’s website and in select Wai Yuen Tong stores, as well as through e-commerce site HKTVMall.

The launch of the brand comes amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has dramatically increased consumer attention towards health and wellness – for both humans and animals. With the trend towards natural and plant-based products already growing strong over the past years, it is unsurprising for some to see the rise of wellness-focused products such as TCM remedies enter the global pet care industry, which is set to grow to a whopping US$203 billion market by 2025. 

Earlier this month, Malaysian pet food and supplies retailer Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) recently opened its first pharmacy for pets called Vet Pharmacy, which caters exclusively for pets to find the right supplements, care products and personalised medical guidance for pets, another show of the stepping up that the pet care industry is seeing amid the pandemic.

Lead image courtesy of ProVet / designed by Green Queen Media. 

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