The 6 Best Sustainable Maternity Brands Offering Comfort and Style

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Comfort is key when carrying a baby, so it can be hard to retain your consumer ethics when all you want is that perfect pair of slouchy harem trousers. Suddenly, a sponsored advert pops up on social media, showing exactly what you want, but it’s from a known fast fashion offender. What do you do?

Take a breath and look at the following sustainable maternity brands that are creating comfortable clothing with you, your baby and the planet all considered. You might pay a little more, but remember this: if you are not planning to have any more children, plenty of other parents are. They’ll be glad to join your circular economy by purchasing from you on a resale app. That makes your maternity wear double sustainable. 

Some of our favourite brands include:

1. Isabella Oliver

A certified B Corp, Isabella Oliver is head and shoulders above standard maternity clothing brands. The clothes themselves are all made from traceable materials, with organic cotton featuring heavily throughout the stylish collection of dungarees, Breton tops and wrap dresses. What makes the brand even more special, however, is the ability to rent clothing, subscribe for discounted rates or buy pre-loved pieces direct from the site. The flexibility is incredible and allows for mums with a variety of budgets to gain access to sustainable clothing.

Where is it based: London (UK).

Best for: Dungaree-fanatics that don’t want to sacrifice their tried and tested ‘dungers and striped tee’ aesthetic while pregnant.

2. Boob

More than just an apt name, Boob is a European brand that seeks to bring soft, comfortable fabrics to a range of bump to post-partum appropriate pieces. By appropriate, we mean functional and comfortable. Items are simple but stylish and offered in natural tones that compliment all skin tones. All materials used are traceable from “fibre to final garment” and chosen to minimise impact on the environment. The labels even give a gentle reminder to pass clothing onto other mamas that would appreciate lowering their footprints while growing some new little feet!

Where is it based: Sweden (EU).

Best for: Understated mums that enjoy neutral palettes and easy chic.

3. Warp & Weft

Sustainable pregnancies just got fully inclusive, with Warp & Weft’s extensive size range for its jeans. More impressive, is the use of dry processing techniques that ensure all the denim pieces are free of toxic dyes or chemicals. Each product page features a sustainability report, breaking down the amount of water needed for each design style. The production facility features a self-generating power plant that uses heat recovery and solar panels for all operations. Plus, all materials are recycled, regenerative or certified organic.

Where is it based: New York (US).

Best for: Jean lovers who want a good fit for their changing shape but steadfast ethics.

4. Christy Dawn

An ultra-feminine brand for mums that are keen to embrace every moment of pregnancy in fully Instagrammable style, Christy Dawn does good while making you look great. Collections are made using deadstock fabric that would otherwise be waste, plus certified organic cotton, sourced from a regenerative farm in India. Sizing is inclusive, ranging up to 3X and a variety of pieces are available, including floaty dresses and prairie blouses. Prices are high but this supports a transparent farm-to-closet supply and production chain. Most pieces feature clever shirred elastic, making them wearable post-pregnancy.

Where is it based: Los Angeles (US).

Best for: Mums-to-be with a big budget, high fashion style and a desire to contribute meaningfully.

5. Pact

Pact specialises in unfussy basics made in certified Fair Trade factories. Everything is made from organic cotton and created with the various stages of pregnancy in mind. Including the fourth trimester. Particularly nice are the underwear bundles that offer good value for bump-friendly intimates that still feel attractive. The brand offers a good range of simple styles that can be dressed up or left casual. The inclusion of a ringer tee feels like a nice touch, as retro styles are sometimes overlooked.

Where is it based: Colorado (US).

Best for: The one-shop mum who wants to find the right activewear, intimates and t-shirt dresses all in one place.

6. Frugi

Adding a little colour and frivolity into maternity wear is Frugi. This fun brand centres on organic cotton designs, all soil association certified and vibrant in colour and patterns. The clothes themselves are simple but the bright finishes lend more whimsy than most. Prices are mid-range and there’s a good selection of activewear for mums that still want to hit their PBs.

Where is it based: Cornwall (UK).

Best for: Mums that want to dress like their kids, as there are ranges for both. Styling is similar, allowing for some twinning action.

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Lead photo by lucas mendes from Pexels.


  • Amy Buxton

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