Beyond Burger Launches Across 14 TGIF Locations in Taiwan

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Silicon Valley’s Beyond Meat Beyond Burger has officially joined TGI Fridays in Taiwan, marking the second city in Asia to offer the famed vegan burger that cooks and sizzles like a beef patty. Following a two-month promotional run of the Mushroom Beyond Meat Burger which launched earlier this summer, the chain has formally added the juicy plant patty to its permanent menu. Seasoned, pan-fried, and loaded with mushrooms and truffle mayo, while the burger is not vegan, the move is lauded for its significant milestone in the global plant-based burger expansion.

“Appealing to a more food-forward consumer is a key priority for Fridays in 2018,” Executive Culinary Director, TGI Fridays, David Spirito, said in a statement. “In answering guests demand for nutritional menu items that fit their lifestyle needs, we saw an opportunity to introduce newly expanded options like plant-based protein. Beyond Meat is leading the way in creating a juicy and delicious product that gives guests the sensory experience of a traditional burger without sacrificing taste.”

Existing partners have seen impressive growth since adding The Beyond Burger to their menus. After its successful debut in Hong Kong last year, sales of the burger quadrupled in the first year alone. In the states, Beyond Meat products have rapidly sold out in grocery stores and restaurants, and the UK launch has been delayed indefinitely due to product shortage.

Made from pea protein, beetroot juice and coconut oil, the 100% vegan patty is packed with 20 grams of plant protein and contains zero cholesterol, no hormones, no antibiotics and has a higher protein content than regular beef patties. Backed by a number of venture capitalists, meat moguls, and celebrities, this launch proves the further enrich Taiwan’s longstanding plant-based tradition.

Known for its friendly, casual dining, the American restaurant chain, TGI Fridays, has 14 locations throughout the Republic of China (ROC).

Check out the full list of where to eat a Beyond Burger in Hong Kong here and here.

Image courtesy of Taiwan TGIF.


  • Jenny Star Lor

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