Café De Coral Launches Vegan Version of Popular Cantonese Comfort Food Claypot Rice

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Hong Kong restaurant stalwart Café De Coral has announced that more than 160 QSRs now offer vegan comfort food. The latest chain to partner with OmniFoods, it will use OmniPork Mince to recreate the staple Southern Chinese comfort dish claypot rice.

OmniPork Claypot Rice is the result of two Hong Kong domestic giants collaborating for the first time. One of the largest foodservice groups in Asia, Café De Coral has been active in promoting its commitment to sustainability. This has allowed the company to stand with OmniFoods’ vision and its overarching mission of advocating for plant-based eating. With outlooks aligned, a vegan-friendly dish was devised and is now available.

Deepening local connections

The meeting of the two pillars of industry marks a significant development. “OmniFoods, the food tech company under Green MondayGroup, is dedicated to innovating plant-based meat and promoting plant-based lifestyle. We are honoured to partner with Cafe de Coral, the established restaurant group in Hong Kong, to launch OmniPork Claypot Rice,” said co-founder and CEO of Green Monday Group, David Yeung before continuing: “We share the mission to promote sustainability, to spearhead a revolutionary change in the market. With the significant market influence of Cafe de Coral, we hope to spread the power of green eating to every corner of the community.”

Choosing to debut a classic Hong Kong-style dish has further enhanced the domestic duo’s partnership. OmniPork Mince has been used to create a signature patty. Bolstered with shitake mushrooms, pickled mustard and corn, it sits atop a portion of brown rice. The gains have been cooked to create a recognisably Café De Coral crust at the bottom of the bowl. The dish has been designed to be a faithful recreation of the traditional food, albeit with a vegan twist.

OmniFoods’ increasingly global reach

The news of the Café De Coral partnership comes just one month after OmniFoods and Starbucks Hong Kong debuted a seafood takeaway meal. Using a vegan crab analogue to create fishcakes, the dish is a Thai-inspired salad, complete with dipping sauce. It marks the third collaboration between the two companies, with Starbucks previously showcasing OmniPork options throughout its menus across mainland China.

Outside of Asia, OmniFoods is experiencing global growth. In the U.S., the food-tech brand entered into key distribution deals with healthy grocer stalwarts Sprouts Farmers Market and Whole Foods Market. 25 restaurants also joined the fray. Every executive or head chef using the OmniPork products has created signature dishes, including Michelin-starred Joshua Gil and Don Phan. Speaking about the expansion at the time, Yeung said: “We are incredibly excited to bring OmniPork to more people as we work with additional partners across America.”

As well as pursuing U.S. expansion, OmniFoods entered the UK direct-to-customer market earlier this year in a distribution deal with Sainsbury’s. Stocked in 119 supermarkets nationwide, the OmniPork mince and strips offer more choice for curious and health-conscious consumers. It also paves the way for future releases of OmniSeafood following rollout in Hong Kong. Presence for the new lines will be sought in mainland China, Southeast Asia, Australia and the UK. 

The OmniPork Claypot Rice is available now for in-store dining (HKD 54) or takeaway (HKD 62) after 6pm.

Lead image courtesy of OmniFoods.


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