Cruelty-Free Label Save The Duck Debuts Recyclable Jackets From 100% Upcycled Materials

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Italian eco fashion brand Save The Duck is debuting a new range of sustainable, animal-free and recyclable outerwear jackets for their Spring-Summer collection, which are made using 100% recycled materials, including recovered ocean waste from ghost fishing nets. With the opening of their first Asian boutique store in Hong Kong last year, the brand hopes that they can popularise ethical and eco-friendly fashion choices in the region. 

Cruelty-free fashion brand Save The Duck has just launched a new Spring-Summer collection of outerwear made using recycled and upcycled waste, which are also recyclable once they reach their end of use. The collection features Save The Duck’s proprietary PLUMTECH filling, which is made from recyclable polyester that imitates the fluffiness and breathability of duck down but with no animal cruelty involved.

The new Blue Logo Circular Jacket is made from 75% recycled materials, including reconditioned waste from nylon and ghost fishing nets recovered from the sea and is made using 100% recyclable materials. The Green Logo Recycled Jacket is made from 100% recycled plastic PET bottles PLUMTECH filling, meaning absolutely no new virgin materials are required to produce the Green Logo garment. 

Speaking to Green Queen about the new collection, Dorothy Cheung, the general manager of Save The Duck Greater China said: “For us, the natural step is creating a collection which is fully recyclable at the end of its lifecycle…We want to help and educate consumers in Hong Kong to understand the concept of ‘Circular’ and why these jackets are not just a stylish option for outdoor wear, but they are good for the planet too.” 

Founded in 2011, Save The Duck is an Italian fashion brand offering cruelty and animal-free outerwear. Created by Nicolas Bargi, who was motivated by his passion for animals and the environment, the brand hopes to save millions of ducks, gulls and seabirds who suffer cruel live-plucking practices to make products such as down jackets.

While animal feathers are used for their supposed unique properties, the down industry is mired by animal cruelty and traceability issues – over 80% of the world’s down is supplied by China, with few manufacturers being able to guarantee animal welfare practices due to the opaque nature of the trade

With animal welfare and environmental concerns on the rise amongst consumers that are paying more attention to the ethical and sustainable qualities of their purchases, more brands across the fashion industry are headlining their green and animal-friendly initiatives. Recently, fast fashion giant H&M revealed that they will be using vegan leather derived from wine waste in their upcoming Conscious Collection in a bid to lessen the environmental footprint of their production and tackle food waste at the same time. 

Sustainable and ethical fashion is taking over e-commerce of late. Global luxury fashion e-commerce behemoth NET-A-PORTER recently expanded their eco-friendly NET SUSTAIN edit with over 45 new apparel and beauty brands, with clear categories for online shoppers to select products based on attributes such as cruelty-free, vegan-friendly or made with upcycled fabrics.  

Lead image courtesy of Save The Duck.


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