7 Ways To Celebrate Easter Sustainably

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Easter is such a fun holiday for kids, but it’s not exactly the most fun for the planet. All the plastic eggs and dairy-filled chocolate bunnies aren’t sustainable, and they aren’t good for our health, either. But there are some easy swaps you can make to green up the spring holiday. Below are 7 ways that you can enjoy the weekend without causing any harm to the environment.  

Source: Easy Peasy and Fun

1. Create Easter bunny decorations using toilet rolls 

Don’t throw away the cardboard tube once you’ve emptied the toilet or kitchen roll – save it to upcycle them into decorations. You can cut and stick on ears to make Easter bunnies, add wings to make little decorative chicks, and draw on noses and eyes. 

Source: A Virtual Vegan

2. Make some vegan chocolate Easter eggs

Get cooking and make some chocolate Easter eggs as a family. It’s easy, fun, and festive. There are plenty of dairy-free and vegan recipes online, like this super simple Vegan Creme Egg recipe by A Virtual Vegan. 

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3. Makeshift Easter egg hunt 

Now before the family tucks into your delicious plant-based chocolate Easter eggs, turn the Easter egg hunt eco. You can hide the eggs (wrap them in reusable wrapping/container, or in paper packaging) around the house or yard and get the kids to hunt for them! Then, save the eggs for the next year.

Source: Pleasantest Thing

4. Egg and spoon race at home 

You can also host a family egg and spoon race using those delicious vegan chocolate eggs. Alternatively, you can use sweets or any other objects you can find at home. All you need are a couple of spoons, and you can easily set up a track from one end of your living room to another. 

Source: Delightful Adventures

5. Make vegan hot cross buns

Whip up more goodies for your Easter lunch. Hot cross buns are traditionally served and made with dairy, but you can always make your own vegan version using an alternative recipe, like this one by Delightful Adventures

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6. Storytelling time 

Easter represents a special time to sit as a family and enjoy each other’s company, and storytelling is a great way to bond together. Parents can tell their stories about their own childhood memories over Easter, and kids can talk about what they love most about the holiday. 

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7. Garden planting

Easter marks the beginning of the Spring season, making it the perfect time to do some planting together at home. From flowers to herbs, create your own garden indoors. Having a get together with other families? It’s a great activity for kids instead of sending them home with empty plastic eggs.

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