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Eco-Friendly & Healthy Home Interiors: Hong Kong’s Top Sustainable Designers

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There are so many aspects of a home that has an impact on the environment. From building materials to low impact living (like alternative energy and water conservation), there are many interior design ideas that can be adapted to eco-friendly furnishings… if you know how and where to look. Having a pro who knows the ins and outs of sustainable products to purchase or renovate can leave a positive environmental impact on our wellbeing and wallets (for example, switching to eco-friendly lighting can use less energy than traditional light and last much longer, which leads to big savings in the long run). With an increase in awareness about conserving resources and lowering the carbon footprint, going green in our homes makes perfect sense. Fortunately for us, there are a growing number of professionals right here in Hong Kong that focus on sustainability to get our home to be living green. Below, we highlight some of the best. 

Vivid Living

An interior design firm, developer and consultant based in Sheung Wan, Vivid Living is in the business of creating healthy living spaces at home and work. Focused on using non-polluting, certified green building materials, air and water filtration units, light therapy systems, ergonomic furniture and biopic design to transform your home or office into a platform for better health and wellbeing, founder Henning Voss is committed to pioneering the healthy home concept in Asia. An avid runner and certified Health Coach, Vivid Living believes that personal welfare and supporting long-term ecological balance should be essential elements of our living or working space.

19A/B, Hang Fat Trading House, 52 Bonham Strand West, Sheung Wan, +852 9886 9038, hello@vividliving.com.hk.

Liquid Interiors

An eco-friendly commercial interior design firm based in Tsim Sha Tsui, Liquid Interiors offers a strong team of professional designers led by Rowena Gonzalez and strategic partners devoted to creating better lifestyles by merging green interior environments with sustainable design strategies. Working to international environmental standards, the studio specializes in bespoke design for show flats, residential development, hospitality and office workplaces. They’re responsible for some of Hong Kong’s most favorite dining haunts like popular ice cream shop Emack & Bolio and H-Kore, one of our favorite boutique gyms. Remaining environmentally positive, Liquid Interiors encourages biodiversity, fresh air flow, and circadian rhythm regulation of interior spaces through their innovative design from conception to completion.

Units 904-905, 102 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, +852 3526 0901, info@liquid-interiors.com.

Tony Ip Green Architects

Tony Ip is a local sustainable design architect and urban designer, whose work and research have been exhibited and presented all over the world. Having been in both the engineering and architectural field for over 15 years, his projects can be seen throughout the city – from St. Stephen’s Girls Primary School to several residential, commercial and eco-conscious environments around Hong Kong. Currently in charge of a multi-disciplinary design team for the first Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) in Hong Kong, Tony has made it his mission to focus on reducing our reliance on fossil fuels to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Contact Tony at tony@tonyip.green. Find more information here.

Images courtesy of Vivid Living (lead), Liquid Interiors, and Tony Ip Green Architects. 

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