Green Queen Living: A fabulous homemade hair gel by Me, Myself & I

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Hair products are some of the most destructive, toxin-heavy products that we use in our daily lives. But…it is so hard to live without them and even harder to find eco-friendly, clean versions that work well. Luckily, we have managed to find an awesome & super easy recipe for homemade hair gel that works wonders. It does the job, can have any scent you like and is so simple to make- we reckon your partner will be itching to steal this from the bathroom cabinet!
Me, Myself & I Hair Gel
1/2-1 tsp (add more for thicker consistency) xanthan gum
3/4 cup (12 tbsp) purified water
1/4 cup (4 tbsp) Aloe vera gel
1 tbsp 100% virgin coconut oil
2 to 4 drops of your favorite essential oil
Gel container of your choice

Quick Preparation Guide (more detailed instructions with step by step photos below)

1. Mix water, aloe vera juice and xanthan gum in mixing bowl or blender and stir until all ingredients form a nice gel.

2. Add coconut oil and essential oil drops and stir a little more.
3. Spoon the gel in an empty container and try it on your hair.
Only the best for Me, Myself & I – Email for more recipes and to learn more.

Step 1 – Only the best ingredients


Step 2 – Add 1/2 to 1 tsp xantham gum in a bowl


Step 3-  Add 12 tbsp purified water


Step 4 – Add 4 tbsp Aloe vera gel


Step 5 – Stir the mixture with a small whisk


Step 6 – Add 1 tbsp coconut oil


Step 7 – Add 2 to 4 drops essential oil of your choice


Step 8 – Stir again


Step 9 – Spoon gel in a container


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