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A line of raw, cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices for home delivery HYAKU juices come in packs of four and are intended to serve as fruit and vegetable supplements throughout the day. Hyaku also has a business services line that provides a selection of bottled juices for wholesale. 



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I don't usually do juice detoxes, but decided to give HYAKU a try after seeing that I could eat while drinking their juices (they're a fruits and vegetables supplement more than a detox actually). I tried their 20 day Vivo plan. Every day, HYAKU delivered a box containing 4 drinks to my doorstep that fulfilled my daily servings of fruits and vegetables. The drinks were extremely tasty and I did not feel bored drinking this every day since they used a different fruit in their drinks each day of the week-- GENIUS! In addition to helping me solve my bathroom issues, I noticed that my skin has cleared and even lost a bit of weight (even though that is not the main purpose of HYAKU). I definitely recommend giving HYAKU a try, especially if you don't like eating your fruits and vegetables. After trying this, I've decided to subscribe to their plans so I get these drinks fresh every day. I'm not easily impressed, but there definitely isn't anything like HYAKU out there.
Mandy | June 20, 2014

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