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Choice Healthy Foods

Choice Healthy Foods  is a 100%, zero contamination, gluten-free bakery and caterer offering a selection of breads, muffins, cookies, cakes, brownies, cupcakes and birthday cakes, some of which are vegan, dairy-free or raw vegan. View their menu on Facebook and email or Whatsapp them for orders.

Choice Healthy Foods 所創辦,是百分百不含污染、不含麪筋的烘焙店和宴會承辦商,出售每日新鮮製造的麪包圈、薄餅和蛋糕等。

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Is Choice still open for business? Visited twice in the last few days and both times the doors were locked. Looking through the windows, I could see some unopened mail lying on the floors. Wonder if they've gone out of business?
Paul M | November 19, 2014
Gluten free/healthy food does not equal tasteless stodge, because that was our sandwich and wraps tasted of. The tea plate size 'pancake' was so thick it couldn't wrap anything, even though the amount of shredded garnish and nondescript chicken filling were miniscule. The turkey sandwich consisted of two thin slices of bread, a bit of lettuce (charred on one end!) and a slice of processed turkey. Both breads were stoggy. Not even sure what spread was used as all I could tase for remainder of day, was grease. At $60 each, this was not what was expected. Staff did nothing to put situation right-just said it was how her boss does things!!
Angela Sayell | June 9, 2014
The blueberry muffins and brownies are to die for. The menu is all gluten free and they are looking to expand on their options. The children's playroom is fantastic and safe for all ages (my 17month and 4 year old had a blast while we enjoyed our lunch!) Will be back.
Loula Natural | January 7, 2014
I was at Choice Coop for a birthday party and sampled some snack food including one of the Choice breads. We are not a gluten free family but actually enjoyed and appreciated the bread for its flavor and texture. We also enjoyed some birthday cake which was really fantastic. I thought the space was ample and well lit. Definitely a breath if fresh air. The kids had a great time. We will be going back to visit the space on a non event day and sample some more if the baked goods. Choice is worth visiting!!!
Laura P. | December 5, 2013
Finally a place to bring our kids on the weekend! What a fantastic family environment with guilt-free tasty food - even my full-on-gluten, dairy, meat-loving husband thought the food was fantastic! Haha 🙂 we can see this easily becoming our 'go-to' place on the weekends!
Danielle | December 5, 2013
Visited Choice Co-op and absolutely love the space! The vegan, gluten-free breads are moist and delicious. We also fell in love with their chocolate chip cookies. I look forward to taking my girls there often!
Lacey | December 4, 2013
We love the Choice Coop! We had the beetroot salad which was really fresh and healthy! We also had the pumpkin seed bread and the oat bread and thought they were moist and delicious! We'll definitely be back! Love!
Allison | December 4, 2013
Tried its gluten free bread loaf and cakes. Definitely disappointing. The bread is hard and dry. The chocolate is equally disappointing. The space is huge but not inviting in terms of ambience and mood.
Helen Marshall | December 2, 2013

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