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Apronto‘s founder Caroline Roy is not your average eco-mom. Not content with simply doing the usual daily green chores like recycling or making sure to switch off the lights, she embarked on a half year long period of ‘eco-examination’ during which time she meticulously recorded everything her family did on a day to day basis in order to quantify her environmental footprint. Her results shocked her. She had always considered herself to be extremely eco-aware but her observations led her to conclude that her family’s regular routines were far more resource intensive than she had originally realized. This led her to make a great deal of changes including learning to value homemaking chores like cooking (using local ingredients and minimizing processed food packaging), gardening (which goes hand in hand with composting) and mending (to reuse and upcycle clothing). These simple acts helped to focus the family energy towards a more sustainable approach in their daily lives. She also realized that her most valued asset throughout was her apron, which she used during all her projects as a way to protect her clothing. And so Apronto was born.

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Apronto aprons create a minimal carbon footprint. They are made using GOTS (Global Organic Textile standard) certified organic cotton. The factory has certifications in fair labor manufacturing practices. Even the seams are made of 50% organic hemp. The packaging reduces paper waste- the aprons are packed in eco-friendly fabric bags. Caroline and her team spend a lot of time working to minimize the carbon footprint of their shipping & logistics process, one of the most ignored aspects of greening the retail industry. It’s all well and good to have organic materials and recycled packaging, but if thousands of air miles and gasoline tanks are required to get the product to the consumer, then aren’t we missing the point?

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For the fashion conscious amongst us, the aprons fit the bill: they are designed to flatter various body shapes and sizes. The women styles offer a tailored A-line cut with different neck lines (V-neck or round neck), adjustable straps around the neck and across the waist and knee-length or full length options. The aprons also have clever sunken pockets for digging your hands into and ‘smart’ pockets for phone and keys. The aprons come in a variety of colours such as red, blue or khaki. Apronto also offers men’s style and kid options.


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The aprons are built to last: it is Caroline’s hope that people will pass theirs on to their children who will enjoy the “accumulated domestic history” the aprons will embody.


Apronto aprons are not just for home cooks- they are professional grade and work great for artists, designers, chefs, bakers and gardeners. The company can also make staff uniforms and do bespoke orders for the F&B industry.


Apronto aprons are available by order through their e-commerce site with free delivery, at Great Foodhall and at Dymocks IFC mall and Repulse Bay. 





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