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As consumers, we are constantly overwhelmed with information about what is healthy, what is not healthy, what we should eat, what we should avoid eating. The nutrition noise that now permeates all types of media can leave one feeling powerless and confused. Not to mention doctors, trainers and therapists giving us there two cents too!  One of the scariest topics is food safety. How can you be sure that what you are eating is safe? You can educate yourself on the internet or talk to your healthcare provider or read articles but how can you be 100% sure that what is on your plate is not harming your health? The truth is you can’t. Being a regular consumer and eating food that you buy at the supermarket or order at a restaurant means trusting what labels say, what government agencies recommend, what journalists write, what scientists report. Until now, that is. Greentest changes all of that. Greentest puts the power back into your hands.

What is Greentest?

Greentest is an electronic device that is used to measure nitrate levels in fruits and vegetables developed by Anmez Ltd.

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How does Greentest work?

The device use the electrical conductivity of fruits and vegetables as a way to measure nitrate concentration levels. The measurements are made by inserting the device’s metal probe into a piece of produce. Conductivity is impacted by nitrate levels- this enables the device to make intelligent deductions about the levels of nitrate that the piece of produce being tested contains. The device then compares the nitrate concentration to the acceptable baseline levels which are pre-programmed into the device’s software. Depending on the result, the device screen will show you one of three possible outcomes:

  • -Green, which means the item has an acceptable level of nitrates and is safe for consumption;
  • -Yellow, which indicates the level of nitrates are not ideal but not extremely harmful. These items should be consumed in limited quantities;
  • -Red, which shows a dangerously high level of nitrates. Red foods should be avoided as much as possible.

How do I use the device?

To use the Greentest device you begin by selecting the (raw) fruit or vegetable you want to test on the touchscreen. You then insert the probe directly into a piece of produce. For fruits, the fleshiest part is best. For vegetables, the stems /roots work ideally. For leafy greens, the core of the head of lettuce/cabbage/etc is the most accurate.

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Where do nitrates come from?

Nitrates are present in some foods naturally. Nitrates are also used as a preservative; this is especially true in deli meats (hams, sausages, etc). However, the high levels of nitrates we are seeing in our produce today are the result of chemical fertilizers used in industrial agriculture that were created to artificially increase both the speed at which plants grow and the amount of fruits/vegetables per plant.

Why are nitrates bad for you?

Nitrates form nitrites in your body. Those nitrites are then converted into nitrosamines, which are linked to various forms of cancer- specifically intestinal cancers (stomach, colon, etc). Children and pregnant women are especially susceptible to nitrate toxicity due to their weak/compromised immunity. Nitrate toxicity is also known to cause Blue Baby Syndrome, a condition whereby the baby’s blood becomes unable to sustain healthy oxygen levels. Blue Baby Syndrome can result in death.

Why have I not heard about nitrates?

In today’s world of alarmist conspiracy theories and with the proliferation of nutrition/health information, important topics can get lost. Over the past few years, the focus has been on the harmful effects of pesticides and the benefits of organic agriculture. That being said, the World Health Organization (WHO) has published maximum levels of acceptable daily nitrate consumption for children since 1962! With the worrying rates of cancer now prevalent in all parts of the world, more research is being done into nitrates and their effects on our bodies. Nitrate awareness is growing fast, especially in the alternative health world.

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What about pesticides?

Creating a device like Greentest took Anmez years of research and testing. A consumer electronic device needs to be accurate, consistent and easy to use. Pesticides are incredibly difficult to measure. There are dozens of different chemicals used as pesticides. Pesticide residue is found primarily on the skin of fruit and vegetables- skin is hard to test consistently and accurately. This is why there is no convenient at-home pesticide test available on the market. As explained above, nitrates are linked to chemical fertilizer usage. It stands to reason that if a farm is using large amounts of chemical fertilizers, chances are they are using chemical pesticides as well. A red Greentest result can be considered a decent indicator that pesticides are present in that piece of produce.

Why should I use Greentest?

Greentest is pretty revolutionary. It is the first device of its kind: there is currently no other food testing device on the market that consumers can safely use at home to test food for nitrates or any other chemicals. The only alternative would be to send your food to laboratories for testing, which is impractical and unrealistic. Greentest is convenient, easy and empowers you, the consumer, to accurately verify the safety of the food that you feed yourself, your family and your children.

Where can I get a Greentest device?

Greentest devices are available through the Anmez e-commerce store. Alternatively, you can visit a DG Lifestyle shop in Causeway Bay or at Eugene Baby stores across town.



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