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Attention ALL Hong Kong residents who don’t recycle. Which is most of you. Yeah, yeah, we have heard every excuse. ‘There are no recycling bins in my building.’ ‘I don’t have time.’ ‘I don’t know how to recycle.’ Well here is the fool-proof solution: sign up to HK Recycles, a brand new social enterprise that for just HKD20 a week will collect your recycling and well, get it recycled! Here are the facts:

  • –> it’s cheap – as their website cleverly notes: less than a cup of coffee.


  • –> it’s convenient – they pick up once a week at your doorstep.


  • –> they ensure that the waste actually gets recycled- they have a no landfill policy.


  • –> they do private households as well as offices, shops, basically any entity with waste to recycle.


  • –> they provide you with a starter kit which includes 4 compact recycle bags for easy sorting.


  • –> they do glass! Until now, there has been no viable glass recycling programme in Hong Kong.


  • –> they employ people from marginalized communities and pay them above market rate.


No Excuses! Sign Up NOW: HK Recycles


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