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Chef Austin Fry- well known in the F&B community for current foodie hangouts The Roundhouse Taproom, Salon 10, and formerly of Brickhouse fame- has created what may be the most socially-conscious restaurant in all of Hong Kong, and certainly on Lantau Island. Welcome to Mavericks!


Mavericks is located on beautiful Pui O Beach in South Lantau, a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. After taking the ferry to Mui Wo and a bus to Pui O you walk a short distance to the beach, and suddenly you wonder if you are even in Hong Kong.  The lush green hills and grazing water buffalo are reminiscent of an Alpine glen. Immediately upon arrival, the day seems brighter and one can not help but relax.  The buffalo that dot the landscape and meander down the mud paths are left over from the days when the island was covered by rice paddies and pineapple fields.  Currently these gentle creatures are lovingly looked after by the Lantau Buffalo Association,  who also manage the size of the herds in addition to providing more basic assistance.

South Lantau Buffalo

Walking up to the beach you arrive at the restaurant and the first thing you notice is the décor.  The vibe is California surf shack mixed with rustic eco chic. The main wall is covered in vintage-style prints designed by local artists.  The furniture is locally sourced recycled wood. The table benches are made from recycled skateboard decks. Even the menus are uber eco funky- they are made from recycled skateboards donated by famous Hong Kong skateboarder LeeHawk Hui and Chun Yin Luk with pages printed on bamboo fibre paper.  Mavericks has a familiar, relaxed vibe and you can’t help but feel that everyone is in a good mood all the time here- perhaps because of all the incredibly friendly dogs that can be found lounging around the place!  The space is large and airy with one side completely open onto the beach, allowing for panoramic views at sunset and a pleasant dusk breeze.

Pui O Beach

The menu is beachy food with a twist with a strong focus on sourcing local and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. Popular items include tuna tartare, sliders, an amazing fish and chips with three dipping sauces, sausage made on premises, and a lovely twist on the classic s’more that is turned into a delicious chocolate pot.  The bread is from Lantau’s own artisan baker, the Village Bakery.  Many of their vegetables are from local Lantau organic farms or grown on premises- their patio houses a mini garden where they grow thai basil, mint, thyme bell peppers, and tomatoes. They serve the delicious local craft brewery Young Master Ales on tap, which matches the ambiance and fare perfectly.   Always conscious of dietary restrictions,  Mavericks is happy to adapt menu items for the vegetarian and gluten-free amongst us.

fish and chips

Mavericks’ commitment to sustainability goes well past their ingredients.  They are one of the few restaurants in Hong Kong to compost all of their food waste turning into fertilizer instead which they then reuse on their own organic farms as well as sharing it with the Lantau farming community. Their composting efforts divert 800 kg of waste each month from landfills. They recycle paper and cardboard by burning it into ash. They then donate it to local farmers- along with ash from neighboring public BBQ pits- to be used as soil filler for local farms. Cans are collected for scrap (they donate the cans to the local community, who then exchange it for cash) and they have even managed to start a bottle recycling program in their neighbourhood.

outdoor organic garden

The next time you want to get away from it all, instead of booking a flight just head on over to Mavericks and enjoy an incredibly sustainable meal complete with a gorgeous beach view- Bliss!


Mavericks is located on Pui O beach, South Lantau. Open Fridays from 5PM to 11.30PM, Saturdays & Sundays 11AM to 11.30PM. Call +852 5402 4154 for reservations. 


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