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Back in 2007, when I first adopted a greener lifestyle, Hong Kong was only beginning its green awakening. The list of green products and service was short enough that I could keep adding to it in a little notebook I kept in my purse. Eventually the list became longer and was moved to an Excel spreadsheet. I finally decided that the city needed a one-stop green living guide so I started Green Queen  in late 2011. Two years on, I am thrilled to say that the guide is the site’s most popular feature and the breadth of selection is inspiring. I’m delighted to share it with readers of The HK Hub.

Below are some of Hong Kong’s green superstars and my favourites, helping us all make cleaner choices amidst our busy urban lives.


Everyone who knows me knows this is my happy place: Just Green! I go there just to get a boost – there is something in the air I reckon! Green magic perhaps? This wonderful chain stocks anything and everything green, eco friendly and organic. Owner Helen is always updating the inventory and the products are from across the globe- her selection is unbeatable. She is also very supportive of Hong Kong companies. A Must Visit!

Other great eco-friendly health food shops are Kinoa, which stocks a bounty of great European products and Little Giant, which has everything you need to live an allergy-free life.

For great Indian organic groceries (and much more), check out Spicebox Organics, which also stocks Sour Times Dairy Company, Hong Kong’s first hand crafted yoghurt brand.  Their creative flavours  (made without fillers, additives or preservatives) are simply delicious.  Hong Kong is also home to Asia’s first and only gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free coconut ice cream – Happy Cow.  Every flavour is absolutely scrumptious!

Homegrown Foods (HGF) and  Eat FreshBoth are fantastic options for those of us who can’t live without weekly bounties of fresh, local, organic veggies and fruit. Homegrown Foods were the pioneers – tirelessly promoting local agriculture. Eat Fresh is a newer player but the passion and attention they bring to their service is inspiring.

Food and Drink

For eating and drinking I love La Cabane a Vins,   their entire wine menu is made of delicious organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines that they source directly from growers. Grassroots Pantry  is my comfort food go-to restaurant.  I love Chef Peggy’s nourishing, inventive veggie grub – she proves meatless is delicious.

When I am feeling lazy, I love to pick up a chicken at La Rotisserie: it is without a doubt the best roast bird in town other than the one my mother makes! The French-sourced chickens are free range, antibiotic and hormone free and the deal is unbeatable (HKD 150 for a whole chicken).

I will always have nothing but affection for Posto PubblicoLocally grown vegetables, sustainably sourced meat, homemade bread, mozzarella and salume…love the food, love the ambience, love what they stand for!

If you are looking for delicious, healthy vegan (and mostly organic) dim sum,  Pure Veggie House  is your answer. I have never taken somewhere there without them loving it.

Babies and Kids

Petit Bazaar is a wonderful place.  It began as a blog by owner Nargues where she wrote about unique, sustainable and often fair trade toys and kiddie clothing. The popular blog became a successful business!

Organic Baby owner Caroline sources the wonderful organic cotton from South America and then the clothes are made here in Hong Kong; local and lovely – why buy your baby onesies anywhere else?

Tiny Footprints  is probably the best one-stop shop for safe, non toxic green products in town.

Hong Kong also boasts its very own reusable diaper brand,  Charlie Banana, now a worldwide success story. It started here first people!


Laundry detergent that is non toxic, healthy and made in Hong Kong? Sign me up! I am a huge fan of local ecopreneurs! It isn’t an easy path in our city but so very rewarding. Keep your clothes clean and toxin free thanks to Squeaky Clean.

For gorgeous, environmentally-friendly furniture, I remain devoted to Tree– another homespun brand (seeing a trend here?) but recently, I have learnt more about the great work of Nookha .

For a more foliage inspired look, look no further than Ecotropolis.  Owner Jay helps you to turn your home intro an eco-green house with plant-based architecture; he also designs beautiful green furniture pieces.

For home furnishings, I love Ecols  and Bamboa owner Julia is so passionate and talented and shows you that bamboo is seriously chic.

For eco friendly and luxurious sheets, look no further than Burnt Oringe. All of these great brands were born in Hong Kong!

HK Recycles is my favourite eco-friendly service: for HK$25 a week, they make recycling easy, painless and they even do glass!


No Hong Kong lifestyle is complete without some healthy pampering and we do have green options: For the greenest hair and nail salon in town, you must go to Emmanuel F  – they are the undisputed leaders of the clean beauty movement in Hong Kong. They also sell a great brand of eco friendly, non toxic makeup called Couleur Caramel, which I love.

Sparadise is another great winner: all their products are good for you and use clean ingredients.

My favourite place for luxury green beauty products is Global Essence.

I also love Hong Kong brands Bathe to Basics  and So…Soap! Both are social enterprises that produce local homemade soap and personal care products.

 Green Queen’s Guide to Hong Kong is updated regularly- sometimes daily – and reviewed often to make sure all the information is current. Keep on visiting us at

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