Green Queen Complete Guide To Gardening Resources In Hong Kong – From Urban Farm Installs To Organic Seeds To Permaculture Workshops

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Oh, the joys of gardening…There is something deeply soothing about planting, tending to and harvesting your own produce. Many of you may think that this rewarding past-time is a non-starter in Hong Kong where space is at a premium and where it feels that most people have traded their green thumb for well- trading. But the reality is, there are actually some great gardening resources out there! Hong Kong has loads of shops, blogs and services providers to help you incorporate a little bit of farm into your busy city life. Regardless of whether you are looking to start small or want to go full throttle,  our roundup of gardening resources is sure to provide you with plenty of options to flex your proverbial thumb!

Best Places to Buy Organic Seeds, Fertilizer & Soil

Growing your own veggies means that you can control what types of seeds, fertilizer and soil you use. Of course our recommendation is to go organic! Whenever possible, it’s best to keep your produce toxin-free. From organic quinoa seeds, to Neem plant spray, to organic manure Green Earth Society (Sai Kung),  Brighten (Mong Kok), Happy City Farmer (Mong Kok) and Wong Yuen Shing Seed Co (Sai Ying Pun) have everything you need to keep your plants looking their greenest in more ways than one!

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Best Urban Farming & Gardening Service Providers

If you are serious about setting up an urban eden,  Green Concepts & Engineering Limited,  KS Greenland Limited,  Easy Organic Farming,  Rooftop Republic Urban Farming and Time to Grow can turn your green dreams into reality. These companies provide custom design and installion services for green roofs and raised beds that can work in a variety of spaces. They can also help with any needed maintenance. For larger projects Lan Yuen Gardening Services can also provide corporate and major landscaping services.

Best Farm Plot Rentals

Want to get your hands dirty, but don’t want any of that dirt in your flat? Hong Kong now has many places where you can rent your own bit of farm paradise. Get out of Central and flex your green thumb at Hello Kitty Go Green Organic Farm,  Flower World Organic Farm,  Fruitful Organic Farm,  Nature’s Harvest, and the Sustainable Ecological Ethical Development Foundation (SEED). You can even rent a rooftop plot through City Farm!

Best Urban Farming Workshops

For those looking for a more formalized farming education, there are a number of organizations offering gardening and organic farming workshops in in Hong Kong. The timings vary and so do the exact scopes but City Farm,  Hello Kitty Go Green Organic Farm,  HK Farm,  Rooftop Republic Urban Farming and Urban Gardening (Grow) HK should all help you hone your gardening skills and turn you into a professional horticulturist in no time.

Best Hong Kong Planting Blog: Advice On What To Grow When

Looking for a little extra on-line help with your garden? Mitchell’s Vegetable Garden has a planting calendar and advice on a large number of “growing concerns” such as seed storage, how to start off seedlings and how to use neem oil (the natural insecticide).

Rooftop Farming

Best Permaculture Resources

Permaculture has been growing in popularity in recent years. You can learn more about this gardening philosophy, which stresses using Mother Nature to help plants grow instead of insecticides, through the blog GrowingSmart.HK, HK Perma Club and the Facebook page/group 樸思保農地 “Im”possible Farm (Park Si Paul).

Best Place To Buy Planters, Beds & Boxes

Looking for the perfect planter or flower box? Easy Organic Farming is an online shop offering a wide variety of such things, from large mobile raised beds to flower pots to standard planters.

wall hangings

Best Plant Solutions For Really Small Spaces

Let’s face it, Hong Kong flats are small. However that doesn’t mean you are unable to add a touch of green to your humble abode. The Green Patch has a selection of microgardens that can be cusomized for your space and Ooobject has a selection of solutions for your wall, window and table.

Don’t forget to check out our Hong Kong Urban Home Gardening Guide By Chef Moises Mehl (both Part 1 and Part 2) for even more gardening know-how.


Photo Credits: Rooftop Garden 2 via photopin (license), Ooobject, Urban Gardening (Grow) HK, City Farm, and HK Farm.


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