9 New Hong Kong Food Brands To Keep You Healthy In 2017

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Coco Paradise Handmade Coconut Snacks

The force of the coconut zeitgeist is still strong. There is still so much to discover about this incredible drupe fruit that is the mainstay of many a wellenial’s diet. Like coconut jerky. And coconut energy bars. Coco Paradise lovingly creates these handmade coconut snack treats right here in Hong Kong, all of which are refined sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free and made with natural, preservative-free ingredients. We especially love the Coco-Matcha bar, which gives you a welcome dose of antioxidant goodness on top of the minerals and vitamins from the coconut, pistachios and Himalayan salt.

Coco-Matcha Bar, HKD 30; order online here


FitYo Protein Frozen Yogurt

Body builders need treats too! That seems to be the founding premise behind FitYo Protein Frozen Yogurt, a new frozen snack made right here in Hong Kong from whey protein that packs a whopping 15 grams of protein per 100 gram serve, not to mention that it’s very low carb (its made without sweeteners) so as to not upset even the most committed gym bunny’s strength routine. Already hit with Hong Kong’s lifting crew, FitYo is sure to become super popular with the population at large, especially when they introduce their new Chocolate flavor later this month. 

FitYo Protein Frozen Yogurt Cup, HKD 48; order on FitYo’s Facebook page or buy it at Nature’s Village shops. 

Korean Honey & Ginger Tea 

‘Tis the season of non-stop cold and flu attacks. With the weather cold and our defenses low, there’s no escaping them but the good news is, thanks to koreanhandmadetea.com, you can keep your body strong and boost your immune system. Their Korean Honey & Ginger Tea, made from fresh ginger and Korean mixed flower honey from Mount Sulak, is the ideal soother for the onset of a sore throat, plus it’s also really helpful for relieving digestive upsets and calming nausea. Just pour some hot water in a mug over a spoonful of the stuff and you’re all set. Note that there is no actual tea leaves: Korean honey tea is akin to Yujacha, aka Korean citron tea, which you may have come across.  

Korean Honey & Ginger Tea, 230g, HKD 130; order online here


Coconut Tribe Organic Coconut Products

Coconut Tribe is looking to share the bounty of Sri Lanka’s coconuts with Hong Kongers in the form of their USDA and EU certified organic range of coconut products including coconut flour, a high-fibre, protein-rich low carb alternative to grain-based flour, which is made from finely ground dried coconut meat. Boost your regular baking with it or try one of these recipes.

Coconut Tribe Coconut Flour 350g, HKD 56; order online here, get more info here.


Goodio Raw & Organic Stoneground Chocolate

The benefits of chocolate and its antioxidant flavonols have long been heralded across the mainstream media but did you know that raw cacao is also a rich source of Vitamin C, magnesium and chromium- all three of which are vital for our wellbeing and all of which are hard to get from your everyday diet. New Finnish bean-to-bar chocolate maker Goodio has just come over to Hong Kong with its stone-ground, artisanal organic chocolate bars in unique flavors like Licorice & Buckthorn and Wild Blueberry. A couple of squares of Goodio after dinner should definitely be considered part of a healthy lifestyle and makes for the yummiest vitamin dose we can think of.

Goodio Chocolate Bar, HKD ; buy it at Spicebox Organics & Moreganic shops, more info here


So Coco Coconut Pudding

More coconut goodness, this time’s it’s in the form of a healthy dessert: coconut pudding. So Coco brings in vegan coconut desserts from Thailand that are made from coconut meat and coconut water for a creamy, nourishing treat that is low-calorie to boot. Keep some in the fridge for post-dinner indulging you can feel good about. 

So Coco Single Serve Cup, HKD 25; order via their Facebook page


Urbal Hangover Supplement

Can’t stick to your dry January plans? Urbal quietly launched late last night with a pretty revolutionary product: a dietary supplement made from natural herbs and plants that prevents hangovers. What? You simply take two of the capsules before a big night out, and two before bed and you wake up without the miserable state that is an alcohol induced hangover. The capsules contain good-for-you ingredients like milk thistle extract, a well known liver cleanser, and moyeam tea extract, which speeds up the body’s ability to process alcohol’s toxic byproduct acetaldehyde. 

Urbal Defence Single Pack, HKD 50; order online here


SnackThy Healthy Subscription Snack Box

While most of us try to snack less, the truth is sometimes you need a mid-morning or late afternoon pick-me-up while slogging it at the office. The key is to have healthy, nutritious snacks nearby so you can make good choices instead of guiltily grabbing a Starbucks muffin along with your triple-shot Americano. SnackThy has you all sorted: subscribe to its cancel-anytime monthly office snack box delivery and receive a curated selection of delicious, healthy, premium snacks to keep you full when you need a fix, with helpful options like nuts-free and fruit lover.

SnackThy Office Pantry Package, Price Upon Request; get more info here


Dr Wheatgrass SuperShots 

Dr Wheatgrass’s Supershots are made from organic wheatgrass sprouts juiced when they are most nutritionally potent, guaranteeing that you get all the antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals benefits. Sourcing and juicing your own wheatgrass in Hong Kong is not always easy so this bottle of 30 shots (take 1 daily) that doesn’t need refrigeration is a godsend! We don’t have the space to go into the many, many reasons why wheatgrass is so good for you, but if you want to know more, you can see the evidence for its usage in the following conditions

Dr Wheatgrass SuperShots, 150ml, HKD 220; order online here

Photos courtesy of koreanhandmatetea.com, FitYo HK, Cocoparadise, Coconut Tribe, Goodio, So Coco HK, Urbal, SnackThy and Dr Wheatgrass HK. 


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