Green Common Unveils Hong Kong’s First Vegan Oat-Based Mochi Frozen Desserts

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Hong Kong-based campaign Green Monday unveiled the region’s first oat-based mochi frozen desserts at its plant-based café and grocery store concept, Green Common. The new brand Oatchi which will be available at select outlets contains 17% fewer calories than its dairy counterpart.

Green Common launched the Oatchi series, the first-ever oat-based mochi frozen desserts to debut in Hong Kong. Created with natural, plant-based ingredients, this mochi ice cream is a twist on the conventional one and is supposed to be ideal for health-conscious consumers.

Source: Green Common

Free from chemicals

The plant-based ice cream fillings are available in three different flavours namely green tea, mango, and strawberry. In addition to being vegan-friendly, the ice creams are free from added artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives.

Fewer calories, less sugar

All three flavours have less than 50 kcal and compared to dairy-based versions, on average the vegan ice creams are 17% less in calories. They are even 32% less in saturated fats and 19% less in sugars.

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Source: Green Common

The ice creams are available at all Green Common outlets except the K11 and The Forest branches. An Oatchi e-voucher is available through the green store’s online shop.

Consumers can purchase 2 packs at a discounted rate for HKD 60 (approx. US$7.72), compared to the original price of HKD 34.9 (approx US$4.49) for 4 pcs/pack. This offer will last till the end of July.

With a bulk purchase of 2 packs of Oatchi and 8 cups of any flavour of Green Common’s vegan ice cream (non-dairy frozen dessert) series, consumers will receive two free aluminium ice cream spoons and an ice cream cooler bag.

The non-dairy frozen dessert series was recently unveiled by Green Common and compared to dairy ice creams, they contain half the calories, 75% lower saturated fat, and 44% less sugar.

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Lead image courtesy of Green Common.

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