How To Host A Zero Waste Junk: The Complete Low Waste Hong Kong Boating Guide

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Boat parties are one of the best highlights of Hong Kong summers. A daylong excursion of splashing through the high seas, feasting on meatless munchies and indulging in your favorite alcoholic beverage, we can thank Mother Earth for the ocean air and salt in our hair. To be more kind to her this summer, we could stand to lose a few bad habits before we dock on our next seaborne adventure like forgoing plastic water bottles, drinking straws or cutlery.

Also please remember: AVOID SHAM WAN BAY on South Lamma as this is where our last few turtles nest during the summer months (in fact it’s the only known spot in Hong Kong where they do). The beach is closed anyway but please don’t go boating there!

Zero Waste Junkistas Must-Haves

STEP 1: Prepare Your Zero Waste Junk Kit

Awesome e-shops like Plastic-Free HK and NO!W No Waste (or visit Live Zero in person) sell the reusable gear you need to bring your own on board:

  • reusable water bottle
  • reusable cup
  • reusable cutlery set
  • reusable napkin
  • reusable straw
  • reusable lunchbox
  • filtered water in large containers

Step 2: Find a Junk Boat Company With a Zero Waste Ethos

To get us ready for a more eco-friendly summer, we’ve rounded up the best junk charters, catering and beverage operators that will deliver the goods to Pier 10 for a sweet sendoff! Consider the following zero waste options when planning your next junk:

Best Zero Waste Junk Boat Organizer


Aiming to become a “No Junk” junk, one of Hong Kong’s favorite charters, LazyDays, has been changing their whole work process to minimize waste on their junk boats. Installing water filter machines on all their fleets to prevent single use plastics on deck, they also provide stainless steel straws, bamboo plates and cutlery, and reusable polycarbonate drinkware for up to 50 guests. The company has also done away with clingfilm, instead opting for reusable fabric covers and teflon bake sheets to line their in-house catering packages. Currently phasing out all bottled beers on board, they will be swapping out bottles for cans (even their craft beers will be in canned form!) for easier recycling accountability.

Even better, as part of LazyDays’ new initiative to do more for the environment, they’ve teamed up with local environmental charity, Plastic Free Seas, to organize beach clean-ups in the near future.

+852 3488 1534,

Hong Kong Junks

Hong Kong Junks are another winner in the zero waste boating stakes. They are super committed to the plastic-free cause- they say a big NO to single-use water bottles on board- they provided filtered water in a container. They use beer cans to reduce waste. They provide reusable glasses, plates, cutlery and serving bowls. They don’t allow any plastic straws- they provide paper ones if people ask. Another thing we love? They avoid plastic inflatables (sorry #unicornfloatie) as these tend to get popped eventually and end up in the sea forever- instead, they offer SUP boards and floating mats.

+852 2840 1588,

Hong Kong Yachting

Hong Kong Yachting has completely eliminated single-use plastic bottles, cutlery, glasses, plates and serving trays from our boats Jungle Jane and Tarzan and replaced them with quality non disposable items. They even managed to reduce their garbage output from 8 bags to only 1! In fact, Hong Kong Yachting has such a great track record campaigning against plastic use that the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) recognized them with a Role Model Award for “Plastic Free Transformation.” #PlasticFree for the win!

+852 2526 0151,

Ocean Recovery Alliance

Inspiring creative solutions and collaborations for ocean protection, international organization, Ocean Recovery Alliance, offers a different type of junk trip than the conventional boat party. Hosting a unique, hands-on educational experience perfect for school field trips or company events of up to 30 guests, these junks will travel to the west side of Hong Kong to learn about marine debris, what it means to us and our ecosystem, and what we can do to make a difference. There is also an option to visit the Soko Islands for a chance to see pink dolphin frolicking about at no extra cost! Onboard or outside catering can also be arranged for this daylong expedition to learn of Hong Kong’s biodiversity.

For more information, click here or email

Best Healthy, Vegan & Zero Waste Junk Catering Companies

Plant-based foods have a far lower carbon footrpint, whilst also being pretty great on the health front. When junking, we are in the sun for hours and many of us are drinking alcohol, so it’s fair to assume dehydration levels are high. Veggies & fruit keep you hydrated and pump you full of nutrients and vitamins. It used to be pretty tough to find a good vegetarian junk catering package- and vegan was basically impossible. Times are a changing: we found 4 awesome #plantbased catering options to make your weekend boat trip as delicious as it is eco!

Maison Libanaise 

A lunchtime takeaway fave and a popular player on the catering scene, Maison Libanaise has been a longtime scene on most charters but you may not know their veggie options are dope. Choose from Middle Eastern classics like hummus, baba ganoush, halloumi fries, eggplant moussaka, and roasted cauliflower for a spread everyone will love- who needs meat?

10 Shelley Street, Soho, Central, +852 2111 2284,

MANA! Fast Slow Food

One of our favorite veggie eateries, MANA! Fast Slow Food has just introduced their first ‘No Junk Junk Catering menu’ debut this June in Hong Kong. Choose from their signature flats on wholemeal wraps, salad bar options, and desserts like mini killa cookies or raw truffle bites. For teetotalers out there, MANA! will also cater their thirst quenching lemonade. Delivered in biodegradable paper packaging (with salads in large bowls that are to be collected at the end of your voyage), you can #eatlikeitmatters and revel in the knowledge that you’re not creating any unnecessary  waste.

+852 2559 7570,


For fresh and healthy options to feel good all throughout the day, go with chef designed meals from Nosh. With delicious meat-free options from either their western or Asian menu, you can nosh away without worrying about the midday bloat. As with Nosh’s corporate catering, they offer biodegradable packaging made from sugarcane and PLA plastic.

+852 2388 1999,

Knead HK

One of Sheung Wan’s favorite gourmet sandwich shops, Knead’s freshly made sammies and salads are sure to be a plant-based hit. Offering a wide range of sweet treats and antipasto platters as well as made to order salad bowls and bespoke sandwiches, their customizable packages can get you through one or three meals of your choosing. With an easy-to-order junk catering menu, simply tick off what suits your fancy and off you go with your bad self!

+852 2851 7778,

Best Options for Zero Waste Junk Drinks & Beverages

Young Master Ales

Hong Kong’s own handcrafted small batch beer company, Young Master Ales, is doing what they can to leave a smaller carbon footprint. In addition to offering recyclable keg rentals delivered straight to Pier 10 for your junk, their plastic cups are biodegradable and compostable.

+852 2783 8907, 

La Cabane a Vin

Glass can be infinitely recycled without losing any quality plus corks are compostable so winos can feel some eco smugenss on that front.  La Cabane a Vin hosts a extensive collection of natural and biodynamic wines that can be delivered to Pier 10 upon special request.

+852 2517 0186, 

Images courtesy of Pexels (lead), LazyDays, Ocean Recovery Alliance, Maison Libanaise, MANA!, Nosh, Knead, Young Master Ales, and Green Queen. 

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