Just For Laughs: 9 Ways To Know If You Are A Healthster (= Healthy + Hipster)

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  • You carry a yoga mat everywhere. Part (b): you have multiple yoga mats.
  • You regularly talk about your practice. Part (b): you are not a lawyer or on a high school basketball team.
  • Your weekend plans involve trialling a new form of exercise. Barre Box anyone? Part (b): your plan all your holiday traveling around city marathon schedules.
  • You find it hard to talk to people who don’t exercise regularly. Part (b): you meet most of your friends at the gym.
  • You plan your walk to work based on the nearest cold-pressed juicery and/or smoothie bar. Part (b): your mornings always start with green juice.
  • You automatically scan restaurant menus for superfoods. Part (b): you haven’t eaten carbs in five years.
  • You update your sneaker collection more than 4 times a year. Part (b): you have a sneaker collection.
  • Your favorite vegetable is kale. Part (b): you have a a favorite vegetable.
  • You take selfies daily. Part (b): they all involve you at the gym.

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