5 Reasons We’re Crushing On The LUXARITY Preloved Pop-Up At Lane Crawford

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Lane Crawford’s LUXARITY Preloved Pop-Up 2019 is showcasing their social initiative, featuring a curated selection of luxury fashion items donated from high-profile names in the industry, which aims to encourage conscious consumption in Hong Kong. Partnering up with blockchain startup Lablaco to provide fully traceable preloved shopping experience to customers, the LUXARITY pop-up marks another exciting development in circular fashion and offers a preview of what the future of apparel shopping looks like. We got a sneak preview last week so below, we share all the ways the pop up is a game changer.

1) The Collection Features Gorgeous Preloved Items From Celebs

Cristina Ventura’s preloved work bag on sale at LUXARITY Preloved Pop-Up 2019 (Source: Green Queen)

Who doesn’t want to share clothes with their favourite celeb? LUXARITY’s collection will feature garments and accessories from high-profile celebrities including Hong Kong pop stars Joey Yung and Charlene Choi. High profile fashion designers such as Gabriela Hearst, Phillip Lim and Maggie Marilyn have also personally donated items, plus the uber-chic Cristina Ventura, Lane Crawford’s Chief Catalyst Officer and LUXARITY founder, contributed many items from her own incredibly fabulous closet.

2) No More Pesky Labels, Just Scan The QR Code For Full Blockchain-Enabled Traceability

QR code attached to each preloved item for full product information & traceable history (Source: Green Queen)

One of the issues with second hand shopping is that people don’t know where an item comes from or where it’s been. Through their collaboration with blockchain-enabled circular fashion platform Lablaco, LUXARITY is offering customers a fully traceable history of each item. Traceability is a key challenge for the preloved industry, this is a serious game changer and a key USP for LUXARITY compared to other resale platforms. Customers can simply scan the QR code attached to each product through their phones to get the complete details on the piece such as and who the previous owner is, where it has been worn before, its environmental impact and the item’s cost.

3) Each Garment Comes With A Digitised Handwritten Note From The Previous Owner

Example of handwritten note for each preloved item accessible through the QR code (Source: Green Queen)

Not only can you trace the history of each piece, each item comes with a personalised handwritten note from the original owner, which is then digitised and available to view when you scan the QR code. Customers can share in the special story behind the garment or accessory, what it meant to the previous owner, and the “soul” behind each fashion item. The narrative of where our clothes come from has huge potential to disrupt the preloved market: after all, the power of storytelling is second to none.

4) Sale Proceeds Go Towards A Sustainable Cause: The R.A.W. Prize

R.A.W. Prize Winner Sissi Chao (Centre) (Source: Generation T Asia)

By shopping at LUXARITY, you are doing more than saving beautiful clothes from being sent to landfills and incinerators, you are also making a positive social impact with your purchase. In line with LUXARITY’s overarching goal to encourage responsible consumption and production, all the proceeds collected from sales go towards the R.A.W. prize, which awards a member of the GEN T community whose for-profit or non-profit work focuses on creating impact by addressing UN Sustainable Development Goal #12: Responsible Consumption & Production.

This year’s competition saw REmakeHub founder Sissi Chao beat out all the other finalists with her circular waste management company that transforms all kinds of commercial and industrial waste into fashion forward items like sunglasses and vegan leather. 

Disclosure: Green Queen founder & Editor-in-Chief Sonalie Figueiras was one of the 7 finalists of the 2019 R.A.W. prize.

5) The Pop Up Challenges Secondhand Fashion Stereotypes In Asia

LUXARITY Preloved Pop Up at Lane Crawford ifc mall (Source: Green Queen)

With Lane Crawford being Asia’s most fashion-forward platform, helping to set trends, uncover new designers and keep the region’s clotheshorses on best dressed lists, this pop up has the power to change regional preconceptions about secondhand fashion, which can veer towards the negative. Gloria Yu, LUXARITY’s brand manager and one of Hong Kong’s most vocal sustainable fashion advocates told Green Queen that “What this pop-up does is challenge what preloved fashion means in Asia through awareness and education. In Asia, it can override the superstitious culture that sometimes comes with secondhand items, and can prove to people that secondhand can be high-quality, prestigious and luxurious.” 

LUXARITY Pre-Loved Luxury Pop Up: Lane Crawford ifc mall – World of Luxury, 8 Finance Street, Central, October 5-20 2019, Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 9:00PM. More details here.

All images courtesy of Green Queen, unless otherwise credited.


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