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November is here and you know what that means, our pick of the month’s best new products.

Ice ‘N’ Lean Protein Ice Cream

We recently mentioned Ice ‘N’ Lean‘s and their Paleo Pieces in our roundup of Hong Kong’s best paleo sweet treats. However, we need to make sure everyone knows about their soon to be famous protein ice cream, the first of its kind in Hong Kong. Made in Aberdeen, Ice ‘N’ Lean healthy iced treat is taking the health world by storm with their latest addition to the performance food category. They offer two varieties: Lite, which has 10 grams of protein per serving; and Muscle, which provides 20 grams of protein, AKA about as much as your standard protein shake. Except it’s ice cream! They use only the best ingredients including organic milk, grass-fed whey protein, grass-fed cream, organic raw cacao and, our favorite low GI sweetener, organic coconut sugar. Nothing else but organic guar gum as a thickener. This is real food: no nasties such as corn syrup or preservatives or any hard-to-pronounce words. This brilliant new addition to the health food scene is sure to be in every gym in town soon- you heard it here first.

HKD 42-48 for 100ml tubs. Available at various gyms and health shops around Hong Kong, check out their stockists.

Cotton Leaf Organic Cotton Tshirts

Cotton Leaf Women’s Organic T-shirt – V Neck

Many may not be aware of it, but the cotton used to make many of our clothes can be one of the most harmful crops to the planet. Conventional cotton, besides being a water hog, is grown using literally tonnes of harmful pesticides that can be incredibly dangerous for the people growing it, as well as the end consumers thanks to the dyes used on the finished fabric. What to do? Enter Cotton Leaf. Launched earlier this year, Cotton Leaf is a new brand/manufacturer of basics made using only GOTS certified organic and GMO-free cotton.  Most items, which includes underwear for men and women, kids and babies,  are available in black, white and grey. Our favorite, the classic V Neck T-shirt, happens to also come in blue melange and red melange. They also offer a selection of basics such as tees and undies for men, kids and babies. Their shop in Jordan is undergoing renovation but should be open in time for the holidays.

HKD 109 and free shipping for orders over HKD 250. Order here.

Enjo Eye Makeup Cleaning Pads

ENJO Makeup Off/Eye Pad

Frequently our inner-glamorpuss is at war with our inner-eco warrior, and skin care is certainly an epic battle. Feeling guilty about buying stacks of disposable cotton pads to remove your makeup? Well the folks at ENJO have a solution everyone can be happy about. The ENJO Makeup Off/Eye Pad is perfect for removing your makeup, even waterproof mascara and lipsticks, all without requiring anything except water. They are made to be perfect to use on your eyes but are suitable for your entire face and neck. Plus they actually exfoliate while they clean. ENJO is an Austria-based company with over 25 years of cleaning experience and a wide range or products for all cleaning needs. Their products use microscopic fibers- each a fraction of the width of a human hair-to attract and trap dirt, all with only water. After you are done simply wash with a little soap and let dry. Your skin looks great, your rubbish bin is empty, and your eco-guilt is assuaged.

HKD 250 for a set of two including a travel pouch. Order online here.

 Island Supplements Matcha Protein

Island Supplements Sencha Green Protein Concentrate

Everyone loves green tea right? You can have matcha lattes, green tea kitkats, and now on the healthy/performance side: Sencha Green Protein Concentrate. Island Supplements, a new supplements brand based here in Hong Kong known for their selection of grass-fed whey protein powders has just launched this incredible blend of matcha powder and whey protein. When choosing whey protein, grass-fed is key. Why? Because grass-fed whey protein has a host of benefits including a high level of omega-3 fatty acids (brain food), helps prevent blood sugar spikes after meals, and provides a boost your immune system. The matcha provides a treasure trove of anti-oxidants and of course caffeine, something we here at Green Queen literally could not live without. Island Supplements also offers grass-fed whey protein in unflavoured and True Cocoa versions.

HKD 430 for 1 kg. Order here

The Nutter Company Cashew Butter

The Nutter Company Cashew Butter

One of the newer companies on the city’s artisanal food scene, The Nutter Company is providing Hong Kong with their range of handcrafted spreadable joy, all made fresh to order. In addition to the standard peanut and the now rather staid almond, they offer our new fav cashew, as well as unusual but oh-so-yum pistachio. Being pure nut butters, they are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. They are also made entirely of nuts, no added sugar and no eco nasties like palm oil either. They do have two non-vegan flavours that have dairy in them: their Chocolate Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Peanut Butter & Toasted Organic Coconut. Bonus: you have the option to add raw chia seeds to your order for added crunch and a kick of Omega-3.

HKD 120 for 220g. Their website is coming soon, for order contact info@TheNutterCompany.com.au


Photo credits: Ice ‘N’ Lean, Island Supplements, The Nutter Company, Cotton Leaf and ENJO.


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