PlantMade Brings the First Vegan Lamb Kebabs to India

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PlantMade has launched what it says is India’s first vegan lamb seekh kebabs. Known for their plant-based egg and dairy substitutes, this marks the food tech’s first entry into the vegan meat sector. Currently rolled out on New Delhi, PlantMade says it will expand distribution to more Indian cities in the weeks ahead.

Indian startup PlantMade’s newest product, Peshawari Seekh Kabab, is the first vegan lamb seekh kebab alternative in India.

Vegan lamb meat

Peshawari Seekh Kebabs are ready-made and frozen. They are sold for ₹399 (US$5.35) per 240-gram package, with each containing three ready-made pieces that can be pan-fried, oven-baked, or microwaved. PlantMade says the product is low-fat, cholesterol-free, and nut-free. 

The rollout began in New Delhi. It will head next to Bangalore, Mumbai, and Goa in the coming weeks. 

Peshawari Seekh Kabab. (Image: PlantMade)

Speaking to The Vegan Indians about the launch, co-founder Prakarshi Pulkit said: “We have been working on the plant-based seekh kebab for a long time as we always wanted to be in this space.”

Tailored for Indian cuisine 

Pulkit says PlantMade’s vegan lamb kebabs were developed with Indian appetites in mind. It gives the startup an edge over international competition. 

“While other companies were going for minced meat or global formats, we wanted to do a universal format but with a very specific Indian taste,” he said. “For me, the best seekh kebabs are the ones at Bukhara in New Delhi. Since I have trained in that restaurant and they have got a great product, I decided to replicate that.” 

To mimic the texture and taste of real lamb kebabs, the food tech company adapted the same recipe with plant-based ingredients. Pulkit said the goal was to replicate the “exact level of fat and juiciness” of its animal-based counterparts. 

We wanted to do a universal format but with a very specific Indian taste.

Prakarshi Pulkit, Co-Founder, PlantMade

Expanding vegan meat offerings

After launching the vegan lamb seekh kebab analogue, the company is looking to expand its range of alternative meats. Best known for its plant-based egg, butter, and beverages, PlantMade is working to develop sausages, chicken-style nuggets, and burgers. 

PlantMade co-founder Prakarshi Pulkit. (Image: NextGen Innovators via YouTube)

We have…always wanted to be in [the plant-based meat] space.

Prakarshi Pulkit, Co-Founder, PlantMade

“We are trying to finalise the one we’re going to do first and maybe by August we will have a clear picture,” the co-founder told The Vegan Indians

There’s interest in the products going into food-service as well. Pulkit says they’re now in talks with a number of food service players. These include five-star hotels, chains like Domino’s Pizza, and flight kitchens. 

While PlantMade’s new product may be the first plant-based lamb kebab alternative, other startups have created different vegan kebab products. Greenest, for instance, recently launched what it claims is India’s first “hyper-realistic” vegan shami kebabs. 

Lead image courtesy of Unsplash.


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