Sprout Organic To Launch 100% Plant-Based Organic Infant Formula At Trade Shows In Australia To Scale Distribution

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Sprout Organic, which develops and produces plant-based nutritional products for children, is now taking pre-sale orders and is set to launch its plant-based organic infant formula at two trade shows – the Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference and the Naturally Good Expo, in an effort to enter the formula sales channels in the Pacific country.

Though the Queensland-based company is not the first to create a dairy-free version of infant milk, Sprout Organic claims that after five years of development and sourcing high-quality organic ingredients, it is the first company to create infant formula from 100% plant-based and organic ingredients that are certified by ACO, as well as vegan-certified by Vegan Australia.

The plant-based milk formula is suitable for infants as well as toddlers and is developed out of rice starch instead of soy, a common allergen that the company says is not suited for young children.

To enter the formula sales channels in Australia, Sprout Organic is set to unveil its product at the upcoming ‘Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference’ that will take place between May 20-23 and attracts around 6,000+ experts from the pharmacy industry and the ‘Naturally Good Expo’, a tradeshow that highlights natural, organic and healthy products scheduled to happen between May 30-31.

In addition, the company has allowed pre-sales on its website and till now, has received over 300 orders in the 48 hours of opening with orders placed from over 19 international locations with plans to start shipping from June 1 with plans to roll out in national retail stores from July 1.

In a press release seen by Green Queen, Founder of Sprout, Sel Berdie said: “While we expected to receive some pre-sales, the high volume and positive feedback has been unbelievable. It is a true validation of the last 5 years of hard work in developing such a needed product. We are so pleased to be able to provide parents with this choice.”

While we expected to receive some pre-sales, the high volume and positive feedback has been unbelievable. It is a true validation of the last 5 years of hard work in developing such a needed product

Sel Berdie, founder of Sprout

Earlier in January, the company shared that it had joined forces with several distributors such as Global by Nature in New South Wales and Total Health distributors in Western Australia to reach more than 1,000 retail locations like independent grocery stores and pharmacies.

Director of Sprout Ben Chester said of the annoucement: “The acceptance and uptake by our distribution and retail partners has been almost overwhelming. If our pre-sales are anything to go by, getting the required volumes out to stores is going to be the challenge, albeit a very positive one”

According to a report, the infant milk formula industry is valued at US$45 billion and slowly but steadily alternative dairy firms are looking to introduce its plant-based products to disrupt this market.

Other startups are looking to creating infant formulas that replicate the components found in real human breast milk, like Singapore-based biotech TurtleTree Labs, is developing both lab-grown cow’s milk as well as breast milk, and then there is women-led firm Biomilq in the U.S. that is focussing on culturing breast milk.

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