Amsterdam Diners Can Now Taste TiNDLE Vegan Chicken In Restaurants

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Diners in Amsterdam are now able to grab their first bite of the vegan chicken alternative TiNDLE in six restaurants across the city. The product is developed by Singapore food tech Next Gen, and has already gained a fan following around the globe, from Hong Kong to New York. The launch in the Netherlands comes as Next Gen plans its Europe expansion. 

Singapore’s leading plant-based chicken brand TiNDLE has just launched in the Netherlands, rolling out across restaurants in the capital Amsterdam. It will be available in six of the city’s top restaurants, including CIRCL, Coffee & Coconuts and Rotisserie, in a wide variety of dishes, from vegan chicken tacos to sliders. 

TiNDLE arrives in Amsterdam

TiNDLE Vegan Bao at Coffee & Coconuts

Other restaurants that will be exclusively serving TiNDLE in Amsterdam include Box Sociaal, which will debut a plant-based version of chicken parmigiana, Mexican eatery Cabrón, and SOIL, a vegan café that will serve a chicken-free katsu burger. 

All these dishes are made with Next Gen’s vegan chicken product TiNDLE, which contains just nine ingredients in total. It is made primarily from a base of non-GMO soy protein, wheat protein, and sunflower oil. 

Described as a substitute that has been “created for chefs”, many of the participating restaurants shared that TiNDLE was a highly versatile and easy to work with ingredient to add to their menus. 

Fried TiNDLE Bun at Rotisserie.

“The amazing thing about TiNDLE is the texture—it has fibres. The product is incredibly versatile in the kitchen, and I’ve been blown away by the experience each time I’ve cooked with it,” said Chef Kimberly Stubing of Coffee & Coconuts, which has decided to launch a fried vegan chicken bao. 

Expanding across Europe

Next Gen says that the launch in Amsterdam marks the beginning of its expansion into Europe, the region where the food tech’s leadership team has roots in, including co-founder and chairman Timo Recker who founded the German plant-based meat brand LikeMeat. John Seegers, the startup’s CTO, comes from the Netherlands. 

Speaking about Next Gen’s launch in the Netherlands, co-founder and CEO Andre Menedez said the region was a “trailblazer” in terms of “sustainability on the plate”, and added that he felt “confident that TiNDLE, which was developed by our Dutch Chief Technology Officer and is currently produced in the Netherlands, will be loved by consumers here as well.”

TiNDLE Katsu Burger at SOIL.

TiNDLE is currently manufactured in a facility in the country, which supplies the more than 150 restaurant outlets serving the vegan chicken alternative across the world. Since its inception in 2020, the brand boasts a presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Kuala Lumpur and most recently, the UAE and has just debuted in New York ahead of its US launch too.

For its Europe-facing expansion, the startup shared that the UK and Germany are next up on its list after the Netherlands. Europe is already a huge market for plant-based industry, with the latest Smart Protein project survey showing that nearly 50% of EU consumers say they have reduced their meat consumption significantly. 

All images courtesy of Next Gen.


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