Umiki, The World’s First Ocean Fused Sustainable Whisky From Japan

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Umiki Whisky, the world’s first ocean fused whisky brand has recently been added to the portfolio of Japan’s leading premium alcohol exporter Yoshino Spirits Co. Made from pure ocean water in the blending process and finished in local Japanese pine barrels, Umiki comes with a smaller environmental footprint than traditional whisky.

Yoshino Spirits Co., Japan’s leading exporter of homegrown high-quality spirits, has just added Umiki Whisky to its brand portfolio. Umiki Whisky is a sustainable spirit where only pure ocean water – a renewable water source – is used in the blending process with ocean-side distilled Japanese malt and imported grain whiskies. It is then finished in locally-farmed pine wood barrels.

The new brand will be initially available this April across Asia and North America, before Yoshino Spirits launches Umiki to the global markets from May onwards. 

The brand name Umiki reflects its production process, as “Umi” means ocean and “ki” means tree in Japanese (Source: Umiki Whisky)

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Traditionally, the whisky industry uses a more environmentally taxing manufacturing process that is resource-hefty. Because high quality water is considered a crucial element to making fine whiskies, many brands tend to use pure mineral water in the malting, mashing and cooling process. In the finishing stage, conventional brands rely on white oak to create new barrels. 

By using locally-grown Japanese pine and ocean water, Umiki Whisky uses up fewer resources, and reduces water wastage. The production process gave rise to its name, where “Umi” means ocean, and “ki” means tree in Japanese. 

Proof & Company has recently launched the world’s first zero-waste spirits packaging solution called ecoSPIRITS (Source: ecoSPIRITS)

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The launch of a more eco-friendly brand of whisky comes as the industry is taken over by the trend of sustainability, primarily driven by growing numbers of people who are coupling the environmental impact of their everyday consumption choices – including alcohol. Across all product categories, shoppers are opting for sustainably-marketed products more than ever before, according to a recent study from New York University researchers.

In Singapore, the Asia-Pacific region’s leading spirits distributor Proof & Company has recently launched the world’s first zero-waste spirits packaging solution in a bid to tackle the waste associated with the industry. Called ecoSPIRITS, the solution is a reusable and refillable spirits vessel system that reduces the unsustainable demand for carbon-intensive glass production, eliminates cardboard waste, and helps local businesses save on costs as well.

Lead image courtesy of Umiki Whisky.


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