Wednesday Word Day: Composting

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It’s Wednesday Word Day at Green Queen!

Today’s word is: composting /ˈkɒmpɒstɪŋ/

    • a method of allowing organic (plant-based) matter from kitchen and yard waste to decompose naturally, the by-product of which is a mineral-rich reusable soil-like substance;
    • the recycling of decayed organic (plant-based) waste into soil enricher, resurfacing material or mulch.

While composting is now enjoying a renaissance among savvy green-livers and has gained traction as a way to reduce landfill waste and make your own soil, the actual process is as old as plants and nature itself. Dead plants pile up on the ground, start to rot and are eventually returned to the earth’s soil where living plants make use of the remaining nutrients in the decaying mixture. Composting is nature’s very own plant recycling mechanism.

For more information on composting and handy how-to guides, please visit How To Compost.

photo credit: frankfarm via photopin cc

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