Healing Energies: What Is Reiki & How Can It Help You?

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As part of my Healing Energies column, I will be spotlighting various types of energy healing modalities and exploring them in more depth. Up first is Reiki, arguably the most popular form of energy healing, which has been around for almost a century though it has yet to find worldwide acceptance as a standard healing practice.

Reiki is a Japanese word that can be translated as “universal life force’” which is essentially energy from the universe, and it is also the name of the energy practice itself. All of us radiate energy from our body, creating an energetic field, just like you’d see in a heat map. The stronger your energy levels are, the bigger your energy radius is. During a Reiki treatment, the practitioner is trained to connect to Reiki, and distribute it to you, a process known as “channeling.” A good Reiki practitioner will be able to detect and channel this energy to wherever it is most needed in your body. 

While today there are various Reiki lineages, Reiki was originally discovered in 1922 by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese physician, scholar, and Tendai Buddhist monk. Dr. Usui has been searching for a natural energetic healing system that would enable anyone to develop his or her own innate abilities. During a near-death metaphysical experience, he came across Reiki. After many years of testing to ensure it was safe and effective, he then trained others after him, thereby establishing a system of certified teachers. One of them was Japanese-American Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to the West, from where it became widely popular around the globe. 

The treatment can be performed hands on or hands off over the body (i.e. hovering over the body). While most Reiki is done in person, treatments can be performed remotely, which we in the field call distant or absent healing. All Reiki practitioners need to perform their healing is the ability to connect to the pure source of Universal Energy, which can happen from anywhere. 

Reiki can assist with everything from fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression to dealing with chronic illness or helping unblock deep-seated emotional trauma. Some people find it beneficial after going through a difficult experience such as an accident, or heartbreak and grief.

Reiki isn’t a magic pill to make everyone feel instantly better, but there is Reiki if you’re willing to receive it with an open mind. Even those who are generally pretty healthy can benefit from Reiki as it can help you expand your own level of consciousness, leading to better well-being. Reiki is 100% safe for anyone to receive, even pregnant women. Babies and animals love it too!

Lead image courtesy of Corie Chu.

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