Vegan Whole Cut Beef and Lamb Flank Now On Michelin-Starred Restaurant Menus

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Michelin-starred chefs are now serving up whole cuts of vegan beef and lamb flank developed by Israeli startup Redefine Meat.

Leading chefs are now dishing up perfectly cooked steaks made out of plants. Developed by food tech Redefine Meat, these new whole cut alternatives are being served at high-end restaurants in Germany, the Netherlands and Israel, as well as in the UK, including Marco Pierre White’s 22 steakhouses across the country. 

Just months after Redefine Meat launched five of its “New Meat” vegan products in Israeli foodservice, the startup has expanded its range with whole cut alternatives, which have now debuted in luxury restaurants across its domestic market and across Europe. The whole cuts include beef and lamb flank cuts, made entirely from plant-based ingredients and designed to replicate the “juicy, yet firm meaty bite” of real slabs of animal meat. 

Whole cut vegan beef and lamb

“We’ve achieved a level of superiority in taste and texture that surprised even some of the most recognized chefs in the world, and our unique technological capabilities enable us to replace every part of the cow for the first time,” shared Redefine co-founder and CEO Eshchar Ben-Shitrit. 

Some of the leading chefs that have added the new vegan whole cuts to their menus include world-renowned British chef Marco Pierre White, who will serve the product across all 22 of his steakhouses in the UK, as well as Dutch TV celebrity chef Ron Blaauw, and Joachim Gerner of two-Michelin-starred FACIL fame. 

“When I first tasted Redefine Meat, I was mind-blown,” shared Marco Pierre White. “The world needs to eat less meat, but the reality is that until now plant-based meat products have fallen way short in terms of the quality and versatility required for our menus. Redefine Meat’s New-Meat products are pure genius, giving you all the sustainability and health benefits of plant-based, without the compromise on taste and texture.”

Other locations to serve Redefine’s range include Ron Gastrobar locations across Amsterdam, Hotel Montefiore in Tel Aviv, and Burger Bear and Chotto Matte in London.

In addition to dishing up vegan whole cuts, restaurant partners will also serve Redefine’s wider range, which includes premium burger patties, artisan sausages, ground beef, lamb kebabs and a meaty puff pastry cigar—all 100% plant-based. 

‘Preserving all the culinary aspects of meat’ but without animals

Ben-Shitrit says the company’s expansion to Europe and launch of its whole cut alternatives is a major milestone in its goal to “all the culinary aspects of meat we know and love”, while eliminating the environmental, ethical and health impact of the real deal. 

“Over the past few weeks at COP26, we’ve seen world leaders commit to landmark goals such as the elimination of all deforestation by 2030, which requires a significant reduction in global meat consumption,” he says. “Redefine Meat has its eyes set on the real problem – not meat, but the way it’s produced. [We are] eliminating cattle as a means of production.”

Redefine Meat goes to US and Asia

Having launched in several high-end restaurants across Europe and Israel, the company is now planning to bring its alternatives to the US and Asian markets in 2022. It plans to take the same gastronomy-first approach, partnering with leading chefs and recognised culinary establishments in the initial phase of introducing its vegan alternatives to new audiences.

“By continuing our close collaboration with the top-tier culinary world, we will accelerate our product rollout in the coming months,” said the CEO. “[We are] beginning with Europe and followed by the USA and Asia.”

He further alluded that the company could later bring its products directly to consumers or via retail, saying it wants to ‘launch within multiple distribution channels next year”. 

The company secured $29 million in a Series A round earlier this year to fuel its expansion. It recently added chef Shai Heiman who has previously worked at Michelin establishments to its team, and has tripled its employees to more than 100. 

All images courtesy of Redefine Meat.


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