Your 2020 Eco Resolution? Install A Home WaterChef Water Filter, For You AND The Planet

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From humble beginnings in a small garage to becoming what is today the world’s leading water filtration company, WaterChef is the ultimate eco-wellness tool to equip your home with what you need to make a real difference for your health and the environment. With their state-of-the-art line of smart premium water filters and cartridges that effectively eliminates common tap water contaminants without leaving behind a trail of plastic waste, WaterChef presents a solution for us to fuel our bodies with the safest, highest-quality drinking water without compromising on taste or our responsibility to the planet

Founded in 1985 by the United States-based Water Safety Corporation, WaterChef is a state-of-the-art line of exceptional water filtration products specifically designed for homes. WaterChef devices are different from other common water filters on the market. Because they use the best and most innovative filtering technology, which are designed in-house and manufactured by the company themselves, WaterChef’s water filters and filter cartridges not only provide excellent filtration of common contaminants in tap water, but are long-life and boast a built-in eco-smart water-saving function. Their extensive product line features under-sink, countertop, shower, refrigerator and replacement filter cartridges that suits a variety of needs and home designs. 

Why Water Filters Are Essential For Your Health

WaterChef C7000 Premium Countertop Water Filtration System

From providing the hydration that we need to absorb and transport key nutrients to different vital parts of our bodies to maintaining internal body temperature and lubricating joints, drinking safe high-quality water is essential for our physical and cognitive health and wellbeing

However, in recent years, the health and wellness community has been fraught with the problem of low water quality and water pollution, something that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has highlighted as a public health and ecological threat. Even in Hong Kong, a city where many of us might believe that safe and healthy drinking water is easily accessible, samples of potable water have previously been found to contain excessive heavy metals including lead, nickel and cadmium, causing widespread concerns in the city in 2015.

According to a 2019 study, heavy metal toxicity can have serious repercussions on our health and well-being, from damaging the functioning of crucial bodily organs such as the brain, kidney and lungs, to being associated with various forms of cancers after long-term exposure. 

WaterChef’s Top Water Filter Technology Can Guarantee Safety & Quality Like None Other

Being able to filter out the common contaminants lurking in tap water, WaterChef makes an important addition to our health toolkit. By contrast to other water filtration systems, WaterChef’s solid, compression molded carbon block filter technology dubbed “Big Block” means that the cartridge does not only remove the common contaminants, but makes sure that the contaminants stay within the block and does not get inadvertently passed through to the water you drink

WaterChef UR90 Under-Sink Water Filter Replacement Cartridge, 1,000 Gallon Capacity

Testament to the efficacy of their technology the company’s water filters have been submitted to rigorous testing that has earned the company the most trusted consumer confidence certifications in the industry, awarded by the Water Quality Association (WQA) and the updated NSF International standards, which certifies WaterChef’s capacity to filter out 75 contaminants, including mercury and other emerging contaminants. In addition to international safety standards, WaterChef has have undergone testing by ALS Global according to local WELL Standards with regards to filtering out extra heavy metals including cadmium and nickel as well as PCBs, toxins that may cause dioxin-like effects on our body. (Doxins are highly toxic environmental pollutants.) 

True to their commitment to bring safe, healthy drinking water to consumers in a sustainable and reliable way, WaterChef prides themselves on earning the trust of consumers by offering a lifetime warranty on their products and parts too. 

Installing A Home Water Filter Helps You Do Your Part For The Planet

WaterChef U9000 Premium Under-Sink Water Filtration System

Not only a powerful health and wellbeing tool, WaterChef is an eco-friendly solution. Rather than contributing even more plastic waste to our already overflowing landfills and polluted oceans, WaterChef’s filters represent a greener alternative option to single-use plastic bottles, unsustainable glass bottle production and quickly tossed-out and non-recyclable cartridges that need constant replacement.

To manufacture one bottle of water requires 3 times the amount of water produced, and this elaborate production process culminates in plastic bottles being tossed out and left to rot for hundreds of years before they can be broken down. Every day, Hong Kong throws out almost 5.5 million plastic water bottles, with 14 out of 15 being landfilled or left to pollute oceans and waterways.

With these alarming statistics in mind, it is vital that we try to reduce our plastic usage as much as possible. WaterChef’s filters boast a long filter lifespan, with a capacity of filtering 3,785 gallons of water before they need to be refitted. The cartridges themselves are designed with eco-smart technology, which helps to save on water wastage as well.

WaterChef water filter products are available for purchase in Hong Kong via their authorised distributor Waterlinks and through their registered dealers listed here.

Lead image courtesy of Pixabay, all other images courtesy of WaterChef.

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