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    Green Queen Recommends: Hong Kong’s Top 5 Green Baby Wear

    organic baby clothes

    A version of this post was previously published on Sassy Mama Hong Kong.    Baby clothes have always been adorable, but now thanks to some great local shops they can be green as well!  So next time your precious sweetheart outgrows those tiny socks, check out these shops for items that are high in cuteness […]

    Green Queen Ayurveda Series Part 2: Reenita’s Top 5 Ayurvedic..

    Ayurveda Hong Kong

    1. Know thy dosha  You don’t have to become an expert but understanding your dosha - (your Ayurvedic mind-body constitution) is akin to understanding your own mind-body blueprint. If nothing else, it will equip you with better information about yourself for your next conversation with your doctor or healthcare provider. Find out  what your dominant dosha in […]

    Green Queen Foodie Series Part 1: How to Buy Seafood Sustainably

    sustainable seafood

    When it comes to buying fish and seafood, Green Queen knows it can be hard to know if you are making the right choice. We want to help. In this three part series, we cover everything you need to know to be an informed and sustainable seafood buyer including what to buy, where to buy […]

    Green Queen Ayurveda Series Part 1: An Introduction to India’..

    Ayurvedic Spices

    By Reenita Hora Malhotra   My late grandparents had a longevity mantra that was synonymous with the objective of Ayurveda, India’s ancient medicine: to live long you must live life to your full potential.   Today, we lead more stressful lives than our grandparents did as we have consciously brought complexity into the framework of […]

    Eco Insights: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Green Wine P..

    Wine grapes

    Organic wine has graduated from a hippie dream to a bona-fide mega growth industry, one that no one can afford to ignore any longer. Love your evening vino but want to drink green? Know your way around the wine aisles and the difference between a vegan and a biodynamic wine! Stay informed with our handy […]

    Green Queen Exclusive: Mango Menus’ GF & Vegan School Packed..

    GF & Vegan School Packed Lunch Planners

    Week 4 is the final installment in Helen Scott of Mango Menus‘ Gluten Free & Vegan school packed lunch menu planners series. We hope these have made your lives easier. The ideas are so great and so easy to make feel free to use them for your busy hubby too or why not take them to office yourself?   If […]

    Green Queen Foodie: How to Make Raw Vegan Caramel Coconut Goji Truf..

    Raw Truffles Ola Huna

    By Nicole Lana Lee   Raw vegan desserts are nutritious, 100% natural and made without artificial sugar- this is better for your health, your waistline and the planet. And the incredible part is, the desserts can taste as good as, if not better, than conventional desserts which are loaded with artificial sugar and animal products. As […]

    Green Queen Giving: International Care Ministries (ICM)

    ICM Organic Vegitable Gardening - By Brian Yen

    For this month’s Green Queen Giving, we talk to Tess Lyons who heads up Donor Relations for the Hong Kong office of International Care Ministries (ICM) in Hong Kong.  How was ICM started? ICM came into existence 22 years ago when a Hong Kong woman was visiting The Philippines and a local lady asked for money […]

    Green Queen Loves: Lunchin’ with Something Fresh

    Something Fresh Noodles

    Last time we spoke to you about Something Fresh, they were newly launched and offering the busiest amongst us a great solution for a healthy vegan or vegetarian dinner. Their colorful meal kits with step by step instructions make us feel like a proper Chef in our own home- plus the selections are guilt-free. Something […]

    Green Queen Exclusive: Mango Menus’ GF & Vegan School Packed..

    GF & Vegan School Packed Lunch Planners

    It’s Week 3 and Helen Scott of Mango Menus is still going strong with creative and easy Gluten Free & Vegan to make ideas for the kids’ packed lunches to bring to school.    Helen is offering Green Queen fans  HKD 300 off her normally priced HKD 950 consultations, email her at mangomenus@gmail.com and use voucher code […]

    Eco Insights: 4 Reasons To Invest In a Green Roof

    Green Roof

    Green roofs are pretty trendy in the green community. Thanks to pro-green roof urban planners like the previous mayor of Chicago Richard Daley, whose green roof initiatives ensured that his city was the undisputed green roof pioneer in the US or countries like Germany where 10% of the entire country’s roofs are covered in vegetation, […]

    Green Queen Exclusive: Mango Menus’ GF & Vegan School Pa..

    GF & Vegan School Packed Lunch Planners

    Week 2 of the fabulously simple & healthy GF and vegan school menu planners for busy parents. Easy for mom, easy for the helper. Like last week, the first is Gluten-Free and one is Vegan- perfect for kiddies with allergies and who need to follow special diets. Also provided are handy shopping tips.    For bespoke menus to address […]

    Green Queen Loves: THANN Sanctuary – Thai Spa Heaven

    Thann Sanctuary Spa

    As soon as you enter THANN Sanctuary, you feel relaxed. They do two things a little differently than other spas in Hong Kong. Sound & Lighting. Sound wise- There is a running water sound, like a forest stream, and everything else is quiet. On the lighting front- everything is muted and glowy. From the moment […]

    Green Queen Heroes: Raw Chef Priscilla Soligo of Rawthentic Food

    Chef Priscilla Soligo

    Tell us a little bit about yourself.  I was born in Sydney, Australia and grew up with a love for bushwalking, surfing, children, music and food. After school I trained as a Chef, but it was a short-lived career. After meeting my husband and starting a family in Hong Kong, I pursued my passion for […]

    Green Queen Exclusive: Mango Menus’ GF & Vegan School Pa..

    GF & Vegan School Packed Lunch Planners

    Created by avid home chef Helen Scott, Mango Menus is a brand new Hong Kong-based foodie website jam-packed with recipes, a food blog and handy menu planning for families. School packed lunch planners are a part of this, and Green Queen is thrilled to share the ones below.    In Part 1 of this exciting series, […]

    Green Queen Recommends: 5 Great Eco Family Day Trips

    Hong Kong Wetland Park

    Looking for an activity for you and your family with a little more green and a little less concrete?  Well Hong Kong has many great options to get you out and about and enjoying a bit of nature.  As always our Guide to Hong Kong has these activities and many more under the Travel & Leisure section. […]

    Green Queen Giving: Grameen Foundation

    Grameen 1

    We are thrilled to launch our brand new series, Green Queen Giving, where every month we will showcase one of the amazing NGOs or charities that we are proud to list in our Green Queen Guide to Hong Kong. In our inaugural post we talk to Christina Chao, responsible for Development & Marketing at Grameen Foundation’s […]

    Eco Insights: The ABCs of Green Vocabulary Part I

    Green Vocabulary

    In the green world, we bandy about so many terms, it’s hard to know what each of them mean. Examples like sustainable, organic, fair trade, green, eco-friendly- sometimes it sounds like they all mean the same thing. What do they all mean exactly? Some terms have technical meanings. Some are backed up by regulatory and […]

    Green Queen Recommends: HK’s Top 3 Detox Programs

    hong kong detox

    January is the time to make big changes, especially when it comes to health & wellness. People cleanse for various reasons and you can do so at any time during the year but January always feels like a great time to reset yourself and your body. Everyone has different goals when it comes to cleansing […]

    8 Green Queen New Year Resolutions for 2014

    Green New Year's Resolutions

    1. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle  Absolutely no excuses. Talk to your building, train your helper and kids, contact HK Recycles- for HK 25 a month, they will pick up your recycling every week and give you categorized bags.  2. Visit a farmers market once a month Island East Markets, Star Ferry Farmers Market, Tuen Mun Farmers Market- […]

    Green Queen’s Last Minute Xmas Food Guide

    Xmas Living Room

    Only 5 more days until it is officially Christmas but really only 1 more day until most of us take time off and enjoy the holiday festivities. Spending time with family and friends is the best part of course, right after stuffing your face with delicious holiday food & drink! For the super green procrastinators […]

    Green Queen Heroes: Joey Sergentakis, Chef de Cuisine at Cafe Gray ..

    Joey Sergentakis, Chef de Cuisine 5

      We are absolutely thrilled and honored to feature one of Hong Kong’s top gourmet chefs, Joey Sergentakis of Cafe Gray Deluxe @ the Upper House- our go-to place for gourmet glamour and the only world renowned fine dining restaurant in Hong Kong to make it onto the Green Queen Guide to Hong Kong thanks […]

    Green Queen Recommends: Locavore Xmas Gifts Guide


    Christmas is fast approaching and those of us playing Santa have lists to fulfill. Whilst Hong Kong is a shopping mecca, full of malls and shops and street markets, most of the wares on display are imported from across the globe. How about giving the gift of local this Christmas? Support homegrown brands that are […]

    Green Queen Loves: Have you had your Green Vitamin today?

    fresh wheatgrass

    Have you heard of Green Vitamin? If not, then you are seriously missing out. The up and coming health food company is fast becoming Hong Kong’s premier innovator of super living foods. What started out as a one man wheatgrass selling company has now transformed into a wide selection of products. Green Vitamin pioneered local, organic […]

    Green Queen Heroes: Todd Darling, Founder of Homegrown Foods and IH..

    HGF Interview

    Green Queen is thrilled to have the Hong Kong organic produce pioneer company Homegrown Foods as our sponsor for Made in HK:Local Artisans Pop Up Market. We couldn’t be happier to collaborate with this incredible company who have made it their mission to make it easy for Hong Kong consumers and businesses to have access to […]

    Green Queen Recommends: Top 5 Green Coffee Shops

    Hong Kong Coffee

    Us green folk love a good coffee as much as the next person but it is often a struggle to find the right cup around town. Luckily, Green Queen has put together her Top 5 Guide to Hong Kong’s most eco-friendly coffee shops. Did we mention you can find all of them in our awesome […]

    Green Queen Recommends: Hong Kong’s Latest Healthy Foodie Add..


    Wow there is so much happening on the Hong Kong health food scene it is kinda amazing!  Superfoods to Go The first brand of raw superfood blended drinks has arrived! Pure Swell has a range of six delicious blends including coconut water based Hydrate, greens-packed Detox and cacao infused Pick Me Up. Founder Allison Li […]

    Green Queen Living: A fabulous homemade hair gel by Me, Myself ..

    Hair products are some of the most destructive, toxin-heavy products that we use in our daily lives. But…it is so hard to live without them and even harder to find eco-friendly, clean versions that work well. Luckily, we have managed to find an awesome & super easy recipe for homemade hair gel that works wonders. […]

    Green Queen Foodie: 10 Reasons Why You Need to Try Something Fresh

    Something Fresh

    1. The team was born and bred in Hong Kong and they started the brand here: support local business! 2. They help make the world better: they are 100% vegetarian. Make it a Meatless Monday every day! 3. Their packaging is green! 100% recycled paper box, card and corn starch based plastic containers.  4. Their recipes change […]

    Green Queen Recommends: Green Guide Hong Kong Highlights for the HK..

    Green HK with flag

    Note: This post was previously published on the HK Hub. Back in 2007, when I first adopted a greener lifestyle, Hong Kong was only beginning its green awakening. The list of green products and service was short enough that I could keep adding to it in a little notebook I kept in my purse. Eventually […]

    Green Queen’s Definitive Guide to Kale in Hong Kong


    What do Snoop dog, Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton and Gordon Ramsay  have in common?  They are all less popular Google searches than kale!    Seems like everyone in Hong Kong wants to be a kaleista these days! Green Queen gets kale related questions so often that we decided to dedicate a whole post to the […]

    Made in HK Pop Up by Green Queen: A Resounding Success

    Made in HK by Green Queen Pop Up Market

    Two weeks ago today, my dream came true. I attended an artisanal food market in Hong Kong where I filled my (reusable) shopping bags with an array of homemade, locally produced, artisan goodies. I woke up the next morning and realized I didn’t need to cook anything! I had a fridge stuffed with healthy, delicious […]