10 Asian Vegan Breakfast Recipes, From Cauli Banh Mi To Kimchi Pancakes

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Mix up your breakfast game with these delicious vegan Asian-inspired breakfast recipes.

There’s a Russian proverb that goes something like this: “Eat breakfast alone, share lunch with friends and give your dinner to your enemies.” Not sure about the dinner part, but sometimes it’s nice to treat yo-self before you start your day (there’s a reason we all love Sunday brunch) and your first meal is an important one as it sets the mood and energy for your whole day. We have rounded up some delicious, simple plant-based recipes you’re going to love, from banh mi to okonomiyaki. Yum!

Source: Cheaplazy Vegan

1. Breakfast Noodle Bowl

Want an easy and delicious start to get motivated? Try one of the most popular breakfast meals! It will take you less than 7 minutes and you can get all your ingredients in the nearest wet market.

Recipe: Cheaplazy Vegan.

2. Congee Rice Porridge

Undoubtedly, our favourite comfort food, especially on the rainy pre-typhoon days. You’ve probably got all the ingredients in your pantry already.

Recipe: Vegan Heaven

Vegan Congee Recipe
Source: Vegan Heaven

2. Congee Rice Porridge

Undoubtedly, our favourite comfort food, especially on the rainy pre-typhoon days. You’ve probably got all the ingredients in your pantry already.

Recipe: Vegan Heaven

Asian Vegan Breakfast - Minimalist Baker
Source: Minimalist Baker

3. Cauliflower Banh Mi

Who doesn’t love this popular go-to Vietnamese sandwich? And who doesn’t like grilled cauliflower? Check out this ridiculously easy recipe and start the day on a powerful note.

Recipe: Minimalist Baker

Source: Parade

4. Spicy Asian Breakfast Crepes

Crepes as Asian breakfast? Given the big French presence all over Asia, we decided to add this yummy dish to the list as well. Actually, it was inspired by the popular Chinese street-food called jianbing.

Recipe: Parade.

Source: An Edible Mosaic

5. Creamy Wheat Berry Porridge

For those looking to level up their nutrition, this meal is a perfect match. Wheat berries (like many other berries) are a great source of fiber, magnesium, vitamin B and the list goes endless. You can play with toppings and add what you find in your nearest grocery store.

Recipe: An Edible Mosaic

Source: Nutrition In The Kitchen

6. Zen Quinoa Bowl

This meal will need more ingredients and time but the outcome will cheer up your eyes and your gut! Preparing it could become a creative and therapeutic process alltogether.

Recipe: Nutrition In The Kitchen

Source: Vegan Richa

7. Okonomiyaki Cabbage Carrot Pancakes

Craving for Japanese food? These pancakes will take you to the gourmet journey – just make sure to get your ingredients (like chickpea flower) in advance. Thankfully, we’ve got some great zero waste bulk shops that have them in stock.

Recipe: Vegan Richa

Source: Vegan Heaven

8. Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Thailand might be still inaccessible for tourism, so why not to bring Thai flavours home? This dish takes only 15 minutes to prepare and will cheer you up with so many colours!

Recipe: Vegan Heaven

Source: Okonomi Kitchen

9. Kimchi Pancakes

Looking for something spicy, salty, chewy and perfectly crispy? Kimchijeon is the perfect choice (yes, we love pancakes!). Best thing about them, apart from the taste? You only need 4 ingredients!

Recipe: Okonomi Kitchen

Vegan Asian Noodle Wholesome Breakfast Bowl
Source: My Tasty Curry

10. Asian Vermicelli Noodle Bowl

More noodles? Bring it on! Get them in less than 20 minutes and you can always keep them for lunch.

Recipe: My Tasty Curry

Lead image courtesy of Minimalist Baker.


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