10 Delicious Vegan Dumpling Recipes You Need To Try Right Now

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While many of us enjoy dumplings when we dine out, why not try your hand at making dumplings at home. Below are some of our favourite plant-based dumpling recipes that both herbivores and omnivores will love. 

Who doesn’t love dumplings? The choices are endless – wontons, mandu, gyozas, momos and clear crystal dumplings – and each can be made in so many different ways, from steamed to boiled and fried.

1. Sichuan spicy wontons

We love these Shanghai-style wontons, which can be boiled and served with Sichuan chilli oil and some pak choi. 

Source: Nm Meiyee

Get the recipe: Nm Meiyee

2. Tofu crystal dumplings

These pretty crystal dumplings are a plant-based version of har gao, made with firm tofu, mushrooms and scallion. Steam them in a bamboo basket to get that yum cha feel at home. 

Source: Feast Glorious Feast

Get the recipe: Feast Glorious Feast

3. Black bean & tofu rainbow dumplings 

Could any dumpling be more beautiful than these? This recipe calls for black beans, tofu, spinach and shiitake mushrooms for the filling, and are naturally coloured with vegetable juice. 

Source: Full Of Plants

Get the recipe: Full Of Plants

4. Vegetable gyozas

Veggie filled pan-fried gyozas are easy to make and just so addictive. They’re perfect to serve as an appetiser for a group. 

Source: Bianca Zapatka

Get the recipe: Bianca Zapatka

5. Mum’s special steamed dumplings

These delicious traditional dumplings will remind you of home. Buddhist-friendly and whole foods based, the filling contains only cabbage, spinach, shiitake mushrooms, carrots and tofu skin.

Source: Choo Choo Cachew

Get the recipe: Choo Choo Cachew

6. Homestyle potstickers

If you’re looking for comfort food, try making these potstickers. The crunchy pan-fried wrappers will give way to a warm bite filled with wood ear mushrooms and vermicelli and shredded veggies. 

Source: Omnivores Cookbook

Get the recipe: Omnivores Cookbook

7. Shiitake mushroom money bags

These steamed dumplings look like money bags, and they’re usually enjoyed during the Lunar New Year but you can have them all year round if you make them at home. Serve them with a vegetable-based broth. 

Source: Pureply B

Get the recipe: Purely B

8. Cabbage & carrot momos

We love this Tibetan-inspired momo recipe, which is stuffed with carrot, onion and cabbage, and is served alongside a spicy tomato and sesame chutney. 

Source: The Curious Chickpea

Get the recipe: The Curious Chickpea

9. Open top dumplings 

Why not try a different style of dumplings – open top dumplings! These are made with plant-based chicken, and are sure to fool even the staunchest meat lovers. 

Source: VegNews

Get the recipe: VegNews

10. Kimchi mandu

Korean mandu dumplings, anyone? This recipe is a bit more complicated than the others, but we promise full-of-flavour and colourful kimchi dumplings are worth it in the end. 

Source: The Feed Feed

Get the recipe: The Feed Feed

Lead image courtesy of Full Of Plants.


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