10 Reasons Why You Should Be Exercising Every Day

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  1. It Keeps Your Heart Healthy – No matter what kind of workout you prefer, doing something is bound to get your heart rate up and strengthen your cardiovascular health. The heart is a muscle and you need to use it. Regular exercise helps to keep it strong and you alive!
  2. It Improves Your Sleep Quality – Sleep is a key factor in cellular regeneration and so many of us don’t get enough of it. Physical activity tires you out, which in turn makes you sleepy and more likely to hit the hay earlier. Exercise also deepens and amplifies the quality of your Zzzzs.
  3. It Makes You Smarter – Did you know that working out a lot can increase mental acuity? Numerous studies have shown that working out does wonder for your cognition, helps to sharpen your ability to focus and improves your memory.
  4. It Regulates Your Mood – Those of us who suffer from mood swings, general anxiety, and depression can really benefit from frequent physical activity. Exercise causes dopamine to be released by the brain, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy- certain psych meds do the exact same thing. Regularly getting these feel-good boosts helps to minimize anxiety flare ups.
  5. It Strengthens Your Digestive System – Modern life can take a toll on our stomachs and many of us have blockages throughout our small and large intestines, as well as trouble going to the bathroom regularly. Working out regulates your bowel movements and enhances digestive processes.
  6. It Helps To Flush Out Toxins – Working out causes us to sweat. Perspiration is one of your body’s main mechanisms for detoxification and waste removal. Without regular exercise, most of us don’t sweat enough to keep the bad stuff out, which can lead to sluggishness, poor digestion, and other unpleasant conditions.
  7. It Boosts Your Metabolism – obviously, moving burns calories. Regularly doing so increases your muscle mass and raises your body temperature, which means you burn more calories in resting mode. Who doesn’t need that?
  8. It Increases Nutrient Absorption – Physical activity helps to get things moving in your body, increasing blood flow and overall circulation, so nutrients can reach your cells faster and more efficiently.
  9. It Costs Nothing – While some people choose to join expensive studios and gyms, there are many ways to exercise for free: running outside, hiking, online fitness videos, even using your own body weight to do a resistance workout at home…Don’t let lack of budget constrain you. Get creative and most importantly, get moving!
  10. It Makes You More Confident – Exercise keeps you healthy, makes you stronger, both mentally and physically. It helps you to connect with your body and become aware of its incredible capacity for growth and regeneration. This in turn creates feeling of self-worth and improves your confidence, pushing you to accomplish other important life goals.

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