5 Best SLS-Free Hong Kong Beauty Brands (With Low Waste Packaging To Boot)

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When it comes to living a healthy and natural lifestyle, what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. As the largest organ you own, much of what you put on your skin will likely seep inside, to your bloodstream. Calling out one common sulfate-based ingredient in particular, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), we feel the need to blast this creepy chemical. Widely used in a variety of personal care products like soap, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste – basically anything we like to “foam up” with – SLS is a harsh synthetic detergent that is meant for cleaning carpets, de-greasing engines, car wash liquids – not your precious skin! Not to mention how destructive it is to our oceans and waterways, which is where it all ends up.You can find out more about why you should avoid SLS here

Companies use SLS in their products to create a rich lather, and for its intense cleaning action. If you get that tight, ‘clean’ feeling after washing your face, it probably is the result of your natural oils being stripped away, drying your skin out. If you have an itchy, dry, or flaky scalp, it could be the SLS in your shampoo. Conscious consumers are opting to buy products that are SLS-free, and right here in our home, Hong Kong has a growing number of beauty brands committed to clean and natural skincare, hair care, dental and personal hygiene. Looking out for our best dermal interests and the planet, here are the top five SLS-Free beauty brands we love! Bonus: all of these brands are also eco champions in various ways, many allow you to buy in bulk or offer reduced packaging.

Bathe To Basics

An exceptional organic skincare, bath and body brand based in Hong Kong, it’s all about simplicity at Bathe To Basics. All-natural and completely handmade, their entire range are free from paragons, petroleum, propylene, SLS, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. From bar soap to hand soap, face wash to shampoos and conditioners, toothpaste to facial and cleansing oils and body balms, going back to basics has never been more ideal. Cruelty-free and proudly made in Hong Kong, they are stocked in conscious shops across Hong Kong in addition to their flagship store in Central, such as OrganicWe in Mong Kok and Live Zero in Sai Ying Pun. Bonus: Committed to create a sustainable future, Bathe To Basics is all about zero waste! Bring in any glass or plastic container to refill for their Basic Body Soap, Basic Shampoo and Basic Hand Soap! Find their nearest refill station here.

Eco Credentials: Free from harsh chemicals, vegan-friendly, zero-waste friendly

Shop 403, Block A, 35 Aberdeen Street, PMQ, Central, +852 2858 8135, info@bathetobasics.com.

Coconut Matter

With a strong belief to leave a healthier planet to the children of our future, Coconut Matter has poured their hearts and souls into creating 100% natural ingredients free from palm oil, animal byproducts, additives and preservatives. Everything they make is made from the purest coconut oil harvested from wild virgin coconut trees growing in the Solomon Islands where Coconut Matter works with a private social enterprise that supports fair trade and sustainability to ensure ethical practices. Stocking a full range of coconut-based products like body butter, a variety of coconut oil soap, an assortment of gorgeous lip balms and a brand new line of prebiotic deodorants in paper packaging, this amazing company is dedicated to plastic-free packaging. Every bar of soap is wrapped in oxo-biodegradable polyolefin (which can be used with their eco-friendly, sisal-plant fiber soap bag!) and their excellent lip balms are paper tubed to curb plastic waste.

Eco credentials: free form harsh chemicals, fair trade, vegan-friendly, plastic-free packaging

Order on their website or visit them (By appointment only) at 4/F, Room C6, 4 Heung Yip Road, E Tat Factory Building, Wong Chuk Hang, +852 5917 6919, hello@coconutmatter.com.


Made in Hong Kong with love and consciousness, So… Soap+ is a homegrown social enterprise looking to promote positive social change in our fair city. Made entirely of an all natural blend of saponified plant oils (like olive, coconut, sweet almond oil, unrefined Shea butter and essential oils) and employing women in need, they stock a simple yet effective range of bar soaps, body and hand soaps, and shampoos. Patrons might notice So…Soap+ to be a bit more watery and less foamy – for good reason: there are absolutely no artificial chemicals or SLS to thicken their liquid soaps. Bottling their liquid products in recycled plastic, the company is devoted to creating opportunities for the community  by hosting workshops or getting involved in the soap maker network.

Eco credentials: free form harsh chemicals, fair trade, vegan-friendly, zero-waste friendly

info@sosoap.com; to find So…Soap+ at a local shop near you, click under “Our Product” on their website for their Reseller List or send a message on Facebook for more information. 


An ethical, wild harvest skincare and wellness line made from the high altitudes in the Himalayas, Purearth is an award-winning brand filled with a range of vegan, vegetarian and cruelty-free artisanal face and body products with a passion for working with women cooperatives in Northern India. From luxurious face oils, Ayurvedic exfoliant face masques, lavish body butters and body and hair oils to a range of soaps, everything from Purearth is gentle on the earth and its creatures, free from petrochemicals, paragons, phthalates, palm, formaldehyde, silicones, or sulphates. Pre-mix bases, fillers, synthetic coloring, fragrances and additives are simply not part of their approach, and we love them so much for it! Discover the full story behind Purearth and their awe-inspiring founder, Kavita Khosa, here.

Eco credentials: free form harsh chemicals, fair trade, vegan-friendly, plastic-free packaging

6/F, 12P Smithfield Road, Cheung Hing Building, Kennedy Town, +852 6080 0045, info@purearth.asia


A company rooted deeply in a philosophy of natural, holistic living, Einnoc uses all natural, unrefined ingredients with essential oils (that are either distiller certified organic, wild crafted, or organically grown) to create a range of natural home remedies to ease the symptoms of coughs and colds, headaches, muscle tensions and tiredness, stress, and the occasional chapped lips. They’ve also begun making their own, all-natural compact shampoo bar. Housed in glass roll-on perfume bottles or paper containers – their aim is to reduce/remove plastic waste as much as possible, their products are fresh and high quality. Their thoughtful and honest product descriptions seems to speak to us deeply. As their tagline says, “Why use synthetic chemicals when Mother Nature has given us abundant natural remedies?” Our feelings exactly.

Eco credentials: free form harsh chemicals, zero-waste friendly

hello@einnoc.co; to shop online, click here or send a message on Facebook for more information.

Images courtesy of Purearth (lead), Bathe to Basics, Coconut Matter, So Soap, and Einnoc. 


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