HK Yoga Teacher Series: April Tsai Of The Water Lily Yoga Project

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My mantra? Stay real, stay egoless and stay pure. Click To Tweet

How did yoga enter your life?

My mother’s recent death was my last push to truly embrace yoga as a profession: I completed my 200YRT Holistic Yoga Therapist training. This helped me to create a space for self-healing, which cured my grief-induced depression. I love healing people and teaching yoga gives me tremendous joy. I have been teaching full-time in that capacity since January: I see every student as my teacher that we learn from each other.

Where and what type of yoga do you teach?

I initiated a personal project called Water Lily Yoga Project 2017 in Hong Kong in honor of my mother’s memory to donate all my teaching fees to Mayya Nepal NGO, to help Nepali children who have no access to clean water, medicine, education or shelter. I find venues that will kindly sponsor the classes and operate them on a donation basis. I am trained to teach Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, a holistic therapy using five elements, for private & group classes.

What yoga mat do you use every day?

I don’t go for the big brands but I personally use the eco-friendly ones made in Taiwan – they are a bargain and high quality! 

What yoga accessory do you swear by?

I am a practicing minimalist but I cannot imagine what I would do without one or two good blocks with me.

What is your favorite yogawear brand?

I have to say Lululemon & Easy Yoga (a Taiwanese brand) are my constant favorites- they never lost their shape even after years of use! Recently I am impressed with Cotton On, they have beautiful colors and patterns.  

What is your daily mantra?

My daily mantra is “Stay real, stay egoless and stay pure.” I also believe that you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

What yoga studio do you enjoy practicing at?

I love the Yoga Room: they have some top teachers suitable for intermediate – advanced students and the place is so cozy offering a sense of intimacy.

Where do you go to eat?

Harvester is a local gem for vegetarian Chinese food with a variety of selections to choose from and it’s really cheap to boot. When I feel like fish, I go for Pokeworld, they make excellent salads and sushi rolls.

What’s your favorite thing about Green Queen?

Since I am originally from Taiwan, I appreciate that Green Queen offers a platform for Hong Kongers to connect, as well as to promote and raise awareness about becoming more health-conscious in body, mind and spirit in this never-sleeping city. I love the variety of the content: it’s truly positive and inspiring! Let’s make Hong Kong healthier together 😉

April Tsai is an Ayurvedic and holistic yoga therapist and charity yoga teacher. Originally from Taiwan, she now teaches in Hong Kong. Join her for her donation-based yoga classes and help her raise money for the Mayya Nepal NGO. Find out more about the Water Lily Yoga Project 2017 here

Image courtesy of April Tsai. 


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