Australia’s Zero Waste Retailer The Source Bulk Foods Lands in Singapore

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Australia’s largest bulk foods and zero-waste retailer, The Source Bulk Foods, has just unveiled its first Singaporean outlet located in Cluny Court. The new packaging-free destination will be stocked with over 350 pantry staples, whole-foods, snacks and treats and household products. 

Much like Hong Kong’s very own Live Zero and Malaysia’s The Hive Bulk Foods, the Australian-based waste-free retailer has established itself as a leader in the sustainable living movement. Their ethos is to promote minimising unnecessary packaging that has contributed to plastic pollution and landfill problems, and to eliminate food waste by encouraging customers to only buy as much as they can consume. 

Since its inception in 2012 as a family-run business, The Source have pioneered zero-waste shopping in Australia and beyond. Today, they have not only made unpackaged food accessible in 50 different locations in Australia, but have also expanded to New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and now, Singapore. The Gen-Z and Millennial-friendly posts on their Instagram page have earned the specialised bulk-food retailer a huge following on social media (159K and counting!), and helped to make zero-waste shopping cool and trendy.

Rob Behennah, the brand’s franchisor in Southeast Asia says that the company is “as much about providing nutritious products as [they] are about embracing a zero waste goal, and creating a healthy community.” 

Shoppers visiting Singapore’s new 650-square foot branch of The Source can stroll the aisles to stock up their kitchens in a waste-free manner by bringing along their own refillable bags, containers and jars. Not only is every product carefully sourced and selected for quality, the retailer also caters a large number of products on their shelves to vegan, paleo, organic and gluten-free diets so that all visitors can browse worry-free.

In addition to packaging-free snacks and treats, pantry staples, super-foods and ready-meals, the Singapore store will also exclusively sell a selection of kombucha on tap. Kombucha-enthusiasts can satisfy their cravings sustainably and choose from three flavours fermented and bottled in a local brewery. 

The brand also retails household products that are reusable, refillable and again, completely waste-free. From laundry powder to dish-washing powder – the store has it all. Aside from kitchen products, sustainability-minded beauty addicts can also purchase essential skincare and make-up which are also packaging free and contain only natural ingredients that are good for the skin and the environment. 

The launch of the Source marks an important step for Singapore- the city state government named 2019 the Year of Zero Waste– offering consumers single-use plastic-free alternatives in a convenient, attractive format and helping to cultivate healthy, eco-friendly lifestyles in Asia and beyond.

Lead image courtesy of The Source Bulk Foods.


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