The 10 Best Vegan Sandals For Every Summer Occasion

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“This outfit would be so cute if only I had a pair of sandals to go with it.” We know the feeling. Especially if you’re in search of cruelty-free slip-ons, with most of the sandals out there made using leather or other animal-based materials. Luckily, we’ve come to the rescue. We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favourite 100% vegan sandals for this summer—and we promise there’s one for every occasion. 

1. Birkenstock – Arizona

Source: Birkenstock

Best sandals for comfort 

Yes, we know not all Birkenstocks are vegan. But the brand does offer an entire range of vegan sandals, including their most iconic style, the Arizona. There are 3 colours in total for the vegan Arizona: white, black, and pull-up bordeaux. Of course, Arizonas is their classic style, but if you’re in search for something different, Birkenstock now makes vegan versions for nearly all its styles. 

Shop Birkenstock here.

2. Matt & Nat – Luuna 

Source: Matt & Nat

Best for a sophisticated look 

Matt & Nat almost always gets mentioned in the vegan fashion scene, and for good reason. The brand might be better known for its cruelty-free handbags, but the sandal collection isn’t one to be missed. We’re big fans of the Luuna, which features an asymmetrical upper for a chic sophisticated look. They come in 3 colours: black, nude and dusk blue (our favourite). 

Shop Matt & Nat here.

3. Dr. Martens – Gryphon Gladiator Sandals 

Source: Dr. Martens

Best for edgy outfits

Dr. Martens have endured over the years because of their classic boots. But it’s far too hot to wear those lace-ups during the summer (we applaud those who still do). Like their boots range, the brand offers vegan PU-leather versions of almost every sandal they have. Their Vegan Gryphon Gladiator Sandals are our top pick, they’re the cherry on top to bring out the inner rebellious teenager in any summer look. 

Shop Dr. Martens here

4. Susi – Jane 

Source: Susi

Best for lunch dates

Los Angeles-based Susi deserves a spot on the list, not just because they make adorable sandals, but thanks to their social and environmental commitment. The brand works with ethical factories in Hong Kong and Portugal, uses only cruelty-free materials (recycled whenever possible), and is directing its customers to donate to Black Lives Matter initiatives. Out of all their sandals, Jane (named after famous conservationist and activist Jane Goodall), is our favourite.

Shop Susi here

5. Toms – Carly 

Source: Toms

Best for everyday 

If you’re looking for a casual sandal staple, then Toms is the way to go. They might be famous for their iconic alpargatas, but their Carly sandals are perfect for your everyday summer outfit. Toms aren’t an exclusively vegan brand, but the Carly is devoid of any animal-derived materials, featuring a recycled polyester and cotton upper and rubber outsole. 

Shop Toms here

6. Alfredo Piferi – Fantasia 100

Source: Alfredo Piferi

Best for special occasions 

Alfredo Piferi is a go-to for date nights and special occasions. The 100% animal-free luxury footwear brand boasts an entire collection of sandal heels. Our top pick is the gorgeous Fantasia 100, a strappy high heel coming in 7 colours, made using “bio-vegan leather” derived from corn. It’s elegant, modern, and super trendy at the same time. 

Shop Alfredo Piferi here.

7. Ahimsa – Luciana

Source: Ahimsa

Best for practical elegance 

Okay, for those of you who can’t bear the thought of a stiletto heel, we’ve got you covered too. Vegan brand Ahimsa hand-makes a range of heeled sandals in their Brazil-based ethical factory, and we love the Luciana. It’s a block heel with a wide strap and an ankle strap—you’ll have no qualms about going about the city with this shoe for hours. 

Shop Ahimsa here.

8. Indosole – ESSNTLS

Source: Indosole

Best for the beach

Indosole is our go-to for beach and pool-ready flip-flops. Their minimalist ESSNTLS flip-flops come in over a dozen colours, and they’re waterproof, anti-slip, and lightweight. Plus, they’re super planet-friendly, made using 100% tires that would have otherwise ended up tossed in a landfill. Oh, and did we mention that they make these for both men and women?

Shop Indosole here

9. Nae – Chiara 

Source: Nae

Best for the office 

Nae is a 100% vegan shoe and accessory brand using some of the coolest animal-free materials out there, including the pineapple leather Pinatex and fabrics made out of recycled PET bottles. We love everything they make, but the chic Chiara sandal stands out. It’s the perfect heat-friendly office shoe, made using Oeko-Tex certified hypoallergenic and antimicrobial microfibre that resembles suede. 

Shop Nae here.

10. Beyond Skin – Lolly

Source: Beyond Skin

Best for versatility

Beyond Skin, with its sustainable mission, makes timeless classics that will last throughout any season and can pair with almost any outfit. Our favourite is the Lolly, a faux-leather PETA-approved slingback sandal that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion. It pairs with shorts, skirts, trousers—you name it. 

Shop Beyond Skin here

Lead image courtesy of Matt & Nat.

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