December 2017 Green Queen Scoop: What You Need To Read This Month

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Enjoy Your Cheap Burgers Now Because a ‘Meat Tax’ Could Be on the Way


Governments around the world could start taxing meat production in an effort to hit emissions targets set in the Paris Climate Agreement.
A Chain That Wants To Be The McDonald`s Of Vegan Fast Food Is Preparing For A $13 Million International Takeover

France is First Country to Force All Supermarkets to Give Unsold Food to Needy


A war on waste food in France, where supermarkets are banned from throwing away unsold food and restaurants must provide doggy bags when asked, has helped it secure the top spot in a…

British Burger Brand Launches the UK’s First Vegan ‘Bleeding’ Burger


Moving Mountains, a British plant based brand is launching the UK’s first ‘bleeding’ burger, mirroring products available in America such as the Impossible Burger and is comparable to…
`Achieving a healthy lifestyle` is Chinese consumers` top...

Toxic Plastic in Ocean Should Be a Wake-up Call for Hongkongers


Government, businesses and consumers need to act now to reduce plastic pollution, say panellists at a discussion on sustainable living held after screening of documentary, A Plastic Ocean

Furious Shoppers Say Whole Foods’ Produce Has Turned ‘Depressing,’ ‘Barren,’ and ‘Bone-dry’ – And They Blame Amazon


Whole Foods shoppers complained about finding bruised, discolored, tasteless, and rotten produce in stores across the US. Shoppers also cited persistent out-of-stock issues. Many customers…

Seven Charts That Explain The Plastic Pollution Problem


Marine life is facing “irreparable damage” from the millions of tonnes of plastic waste which ends up in the oceans each year, the United Nations has warned. “This is a planetary crisis……
Impossible Foods Closes a $75 Million Investment After Achieving...

Is Virtual Reality The Future Of Wellness?


Established brands and innovative startups are rushing to embrace high-tech concepts to transform consumer experiences, but with cost concerns and a growing digital backlash, will VR ever…
Overuse of Antibiotics in Farming is a Major New Threat to Human Health, Says UN

Overuse of Antibiotics in Farming is a Major New Threat to Human Health, Says UN


The overuse of antibiotics in farming has been highlighted as one of the biggest emerging threats to human health, spreading resistance to vital drugs and endangering millions of lives….

Across The World, If You Eat For Your Health, You’ll Help The Planet


Telling people what to eat is perilous, whether the advice is aimed at a friend or an entire country. Of course, people and governments do it anyway. Dozens of countries have come up with…
If there ever were a time for vegan vending machines, it is now

Tyson Foods Raises Stake in Plant-Based Protein Maker Beyond Meat


(Reuters) – Tyson Foods, the largest U.S. meat processor, said on Thursday it slightly raised its stake in plant-based protein maker Beyond Meat as it looks to tap growing demand for…

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