#EcoParent: Where to Buy Cloth Diapers in Hong Kong

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There are so many decisions to make when you’re expecting, and how to diaper your baby is an important one. Before you run off, may we say cloth diapers have come a long way from generations past! The reusable diapers of today make it easier than ever to use. It can also be healthier for babies as natural fibers – even synthetic fibers – allow more airflow than plastic-woven disposables. Disposable diapers contain chemicals that can irritate baby’s skin, causing diaper rash. Then, there is also the environment to consider. The average baby will use about 6,000 diapers in the first 24 months, and depending on when your child potty trains… well, that is a lot of diapers sitting in landfills. Multiply that with all the disposable diapers being thrown out (and disposable tampons and pads, but I digress) and the estimated 250 – 500 years for a single disposable diaper to break down, lets just pray there are no raw sewage leaks or breaches in our area. 

Cloth diapers, on the other hand, will also take some time to break down but no where near the time it takes their counterpart. Ultimately, your choice of diapers will depend  on what is important to you and your growing family. Or consider a combination of the two. Anthea Murray, founder of HK-based Nut & Co, wrote a fabulous 10 point guide to using cloth diapers could help new parents get the hang going cloth. Turns out, they’re easier than you may think, are friendly to the environment, and will save you a ton of money (as opposed to disposable diapers). To get you ready for diaper duty, we’ve got the full scoop on where to buy the best cloth diapers in Hong Kong!

AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper

Though new advances in textile technology, Canadian-based AppleCheeks have created cloth diapers that are washable and functional. Featuring a waterproof external shell, extra plush micro fleece lining, and two rows of snap closures for a trim fit, parents have the option to choose between bamboo or micrometry inserts. Available on Petit Tippi, a natural, organic, eco-friendly e-shop in Hong Kong, parents love the effective leak control from AppleCheeks, and the adorable patterns are just too cute!

Shop AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers on Petit Tippi here

Best Bottom Diapers

One of the easiest one-size cloth diapering system with the best trim fit, Best Bottom Diapers, handcrafted in the US, is an easy snap together and go option. Available at Kwun Tong’s charming, eco-friendly product shop, Delightfully Green, Best Bottom consists of a reusable outer shell with a wipeable interior that can be used multiple times before rewashing. Microfiber, bamboo, or hemp/organic cotton inserts come with adjustable snaps that can accommodate babies from birth up to 35+ lbs. When baby needs a diaper change, simple snap out the soiled insert, snap a clean one in, and you’re good to go!

6/F, Unit A, 29 Tai Yip Street, Ocean Industrial Building, Kwun Tong, greendelightfully@gmail.com. Click here to shop online

Charlie Banana

An online retail shop (and brick and mortar, by appointment only!) that promotes eco-friendly products, AwareStore, is an e-shop that stocks Charlie Banana– the international, award-winning, luxury brand of modern cloth diapers. With a front flap opening, Charlie Banana diapers are one size fits all that uses a patented bra sizing system (modifying the diaper fit of your baby similar to how you’d adjust your bra strap), inserts have four layers for maximum absorbency made in either soft micro terry or hemp.

(By Appointment Only) 3/F, Unit C2, 16 Shing Yip Street, East Sun Industrial Centre, Kwun Tong, +852 3591 1526, cs@awarestore.com.hk.

Bambino Mio

As spring rolls around and the weather begins to heat up, keep your baby cool with reusable swim nappies. The UK’s most widely used reusable cloth diaper brand, Bambino Mio stocks an adorable array of easy-to-use nappies for baby to stay stylish and cool in the pool. Their soft cotton terry lining is gentle against your baby’s skin while the concealed water resistant outside layer is leak proof for ultimate containment. Available for delivery only at BabyOnline HK, Bambino Mio’s award-winning diapers are machine washable and can be tumble dried.

Shop Bambino Mio on BabyOnline HK here

Images courtesy of Pexels (lead), AppleCheeks, Best Bottom, Charlie Banana, and Bambino Mio.


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