New York City First Vegan Mayor Eric Adams Celebrates His Win At Plantega

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New York City has just elected its first vegan mayor, Eric Adams. On Tuesday (November 2), the former Brooklyn Borough President defeated his opponent Republican Curtis Sliwa in a landslide victory. Adams, who is now the second Black mayor of New York City, ran on the message of ensuring public safety amid the ongoing pandemic. 

Eric Adams has made history as the first vegan mayor to be elected into office in New York City. The plant-based Democratic politician won the race after defeating his Republican opponent Sliwa on Tuesday (November 2) with a 66% lead. He promised to ensure public safety in the handling of the Covid-19 crisis throughout the campaign trail. 

When he first announced his candidacy for office last year, Adams said: “We need action and we need it now. The promise of New York has always been that any New Yorker can be who they were meant to be.”

To celebrate his victory, Adams visited Marinello’s Gourmet Deli to grab a Plant-Based Mayor’s Breakfast Wrap by Plantega, which features the famous mung bean-based JUST Egg.

Source: Plantega

First vegan mayor

Adams has been practicing a vegan diet since 2016, a switch he initially made to help cope with the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes. As Brooklyn Borough President, he led several health initiatives, including a plant-based medicine program with NYC Health + Hospitals Bellevue. He has also authorised a $10,000 discretionary grant to support plant-based nutrition at the State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate College of Medicine, as well as introduced Meatless Mondays at 15 schools in Brooklyn with then-mayor Bill de Blasio. 

Becoming New York City’s first vegan mayor isn’t the only “first” that Adams has achieved. Back in 2014, he became the first person of colour to be elected as Brooklyn Borough President. He is now only the second Black person to be elected New York mayor, after David Dinkins. 

Previously, he served 22 years in the New York City Police Department, and founded the organisation 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, which aimed to combat the issues of racial profiling and supported criminal justice reform. 

Source: Eric Adams via Twitter

‘New Yorkers have chosen one of their own’

In his victory speech, Adams said: “Tonight, New Yorkers have chosen one of their own. I am you.”

“Today, we take off the intramural jersey and we put on one jersey, Team New York. Tonight is not just a victory over adversity, it is a vindication of faith. It is the proof that the forgotten can be the future.”

Aside from public safety, some of the key campaign messages that Adams ran on include promises to advocate for working-class residents, and striking a balance between combating crime while ending racial injustice in law enforcement. He also says he will work with businesses as the economy recovers from the pandemic. 

Lead image courtesy of Eric Adams via Twitter.


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