Farleigh: London-Based Social Marketplace Allows Users To Curate, Share & Shop Sustainable Products

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Newly launched social marketplace Farleigh offers users, small and medium businesses, brands, artists and creatives an opportunity to curate and share sustainable products they love with their network and at the same time earn from it.

Founded by Farleigh Hungerford, the London-based platform encourages consumers to curate and create windows offering planet-friendly goods ranging from clothes to accessories to shoes to fragrances that can be new, second-hand and upcycled items.

The idea began when Hungerford ran out of space one day and instead hung her vintage pieces around the house. This led to her friends asking her about them when they used to come over and soon, she started ‘Friday-Shop my Window’ where she would hang curated pieces and call her friends over to buy the products.

Founder Farleigh Hungerford. Source: Farleigh

To use the platform, users first need to create a profile and then start a new window where they can decide which pieces they want to curate and put up for sale. The window can be designed according to your liking and when you upload the pieces, you have to fill in details such as size, price, category, condition, and quality of the product. There is an integrated editing tool to crop, clip and tweak your windows before you click publish.

Source: Farleigh

Apart from the above features, the platform has a click-to-buy check-out, profile-to-profile messaging, product search, an inventory, and a shoppable newsfeed.

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The company believes in slow fashion and several environmental, social, and economic values that the products need to follow such as recycle, reuse, resell, zero waste, free of toxic chemicals, plastic-free, sustainable packaging, support local and artisanal production, and donate to charities.

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According to a resale report, the secondhand market, particularly, is going to reach a skyrocketing US$64 billion in just the next five years and another report found that more and more consumers are looking for sustainability-related keywords such as ‘pre-loved’ and ‘resale’, rising on an average 75% each year.

Lead image courtesy of Farleigh.io.


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