Four Sigma Foods’ Adaptogenic Mushrooms Will Change Your Life

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You heard it here first, adaptogenic mushrooms are the next big thing in health and wellness. Why? Because adaptogens, like their name implies, naturally helps your body fight stress. Adaptogenic plants are able to thrive in nature under the harshest of conditions. When you consume them, your body benefits immensely from their superhero qualities.

During a year of traveling around China, the future founders of Four Sigma Foods discovered that whilst Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) adherents enjoyed a long tradition of consuming adaptogenic dried mushrooms like chaga, reishi and cordyceps regularly, the average Western person had never even heard of medicinal mushrooms, let alone tried them. Convinced that these super herbs could be a life-changing addition to most people’s stress-filled lives, they created Four Sigma Foods.

Their mission is two-fold: educate the world about these powerful adaptogens and provide their customers with these vanguards of health in a modern format: convenient, safe and easy-to-use. The powdered herbs all come in single-serve sachets that you can effortlessly throw in a smoothie, add to a soup or blend into a salad dressing. All of Four Sigma Foods‘ products are also vegan and paleo friendly, not to mention sourced responsibly. The herbs are either wild-crafted or procured from natural farms. Below we take a deeper look at three Four Sigma Products that we can’t live without.

mushroom coffee

Wake Up Better With Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps & Chaga

Bulletproof is so 2015! This year, get ready for Mushroom Coffee to make its mainstage debut. Launched last year, Four Sigma Foods’s Mushroom Coffee is the perfect way to start your day, just add the sachet and some boiling water into a mug and you are good to go. The sachet contains nothing but instant coffee powder, Chaga (inonotus obliquus) and Cordyceps (ophiocordyceps sinensis) extracts. It’s a delicious redo on a standard cup of Joe (you don’t event taste the mushrooms) with half the amount of caffeine. While it’s true that excessive coffee consumption is not a good idea, in the right dose coffee offers up significant antioxidants, helps you focus, and can even lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Four Sigma’s coffee powder is extracted from hand-picked beans from shade grown plants before being dried, ground and mixed with Four Sigma Foods’ mushroom powders. Cordyceps’s ability to balance your hormones, prevent fatigue, support your adrenals and boost your body’s oxygen intake is well documented. Super immune-booster Chaga is known in traditional medicine circles around the world as the King Of Herbs or the King of Medicinal Mushrooms and its health benefits are so numerous that David Wolfe, of Superfoods fame,  calls out Chaga as the most powerful super herb in the world. Chaga also acts to naturally neutralize the acidic nature of coffee, giving you coffee’s familiar buzz “without the jitters.”

Four Sigma Foods Mushroom Coffee, Box of 10 sachets, HKD 115.49, order at Berrytime.


Sleep Sounder With XOCO Blue Hot Chocolate with Reishi

Who doesn’t need help winding down at the end of a long, stress-filled day? Four Sigma Foods’ Xoco Blue Hot Chocolate with Reishi was developed with the expressed purpose of soothing over-extended, exhausted bodies who have trouble switching off. Each XOCO Blue sachet is a blend cacao powder, coconut palm sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, stevia, astralgus (another TCM herb that fights inflammation) and a dose of Reishi mushrooms. Simply mix with hot water and enjoy as you would an espresso or a hot cocoa. We love adding warm coconut milk for a nostalgic pre-bedtime drink.

Reishi mushrooms (ganoderma lucidum) are called The Great Protector in TCM, due to their capacity to help your body fight stress. The herbs also promote calm, assisting with resetting your circadian rhythms. A balanced body clock is the key to a good night of sleep.

The cacao bean, one of Green Queen’s all-time favorite superfoods, is a power-blend of antioxidants and minerals that do wonders for the cardiovascular system as well as simply helping to elevate your mood by releasing the same chemicals as your brain does when you fall in love! It also helps your body more readily absorb other compounds and nutrients, thereby ensuring you get the most out of the Reishi extract.

Four Sigma Foods Xoco Blue Hot Chocolate With Reishi,  Box of 10 sachets,  HKD 128.05, order at Berrytime.

Travel Smarter With Instant Chaga

For those of us constantly up in the air (ahem, everyone who calls the 852 home!) immune boosting supplements are a vital requirement. Traveling absolutely wrecks your immune system. Four Sigma Foods’s Instant Chaga teabags are the perfect solution. The teabags are a blend of mint leaves, rose hip and eleuthero, with no added sugar or sweeteners. Keep a couple in your bag/desk drawer/back pocket and mix with water or any beverage of your choice for a powerful health elixir on the go.

Harvested from birch trees that grow in pristine Siberia, Four Sigma Foods’s Chaga has one of the highest levels of antioxidants of any plant found in nature. This ‘shroom has such powerful properties that Soviet cosmonauts were ordered to drink it! Besides balancing your immune system, Chaga is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-viral, has high levels of skin-protecting zinc and melanin. Eleuthero, aka Siberian ginseng, further boosts the immune system while rose hip is a great source of much needed vitamin C and the mint promotes better digestion. Altogether the ideal blend for a traveler’s compromised immune system!

Four Sigma Foods Instant Chaga,  Box of 20 teabags,  HKD 255.48. Order on Berrytime

Image credits: Four Sigma Foods.

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