Is Lindsay Jang Hong Kong’s Fittest Mama? Find Out This Superwoman’s Secrets

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As if running Hong Kong’s hottest restaurants, teaching yoga avidly and being a busy mom of two wasn’t enough, Yardbird et al co-founder Lindsay Jang decided to take on the online publishing world AND the niche fitness world. Some women just seriously kick ass at life.

Below, we talk to her about why she launched MISSBISH, how Topfit came about and how she stays so incredibly fit all the time!

Why did you start MISSBISH and what is the vision for the site? is a platform that was missing in the digital world. We are an editorial site that focuses on strong, female-driven content with a streetwear/urban twist. 

How did Topfit come about?

It was the perfect storm of some friends of mine wanting to launch a fitness brand meeting my passion for fitness trends and forecasting. We all have the same vision, to bring boutique exercise to the next level through quality and education.

How did your sneaker obsession start?

I have always been into street-wear. I was really into snowboarding as a teenager and I worked in a skate shop for years. 

What are your favourite sneakers?

That’s like asking which child is my favorite! Right now, my Nike x Sacai Air Max‘s get the most attention. 

What is your daily/weekly workout regimen?

I aim to sweat everyday. I get dressed in active wear so that I have no excuse. If I’m being honest, I skip my sweat session if I’m hungover, which happens because my restaurants are too much fun!

When/How did you get into yoga and why did you decide to become a teacher?

I started practicing when I was 17 as a way to stretch post-snowboarding. I just fell in love with it. It was mysterious and so multi-dimensional. I didn’t have time to study to teach until I moved to HK in 2011. It was the first thing I signed up to do when my time allowed for it. 

What is your favourite workout type (other than yoga)?

I will do anything in a group. I love exercising with other people. 

How do stay healthy on the food side?

I don’t always. I just strive for balance. I eat healthy and I indulge. I just don’t eat a lot of processed food. Even when I cheat, it’s real food, from a real source. 

What is your favourite refueling food pre/post workout?

MANA! Fast Slow Food wraps are my favorite.  

What are your can’t live without wellness products?

I take vitamins everyday and I take care of my skin religiously. Aromatherapy Associates is the best skincare line I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried them all. 

What are your favourite workout gear brands?

Hands down: Lululemon for apparel and Nike on my feet. 

Have you always been into fitness? Did you play a lot of sports as a child?

I’ve always been active. Growing up, I danced, swam, snowboarded, mountain biked… My workouts just got more refined as I moved from Canada to New York and then Hong Kong.  

If so, what are your favourites and do you play any now?

I don’t play team sports. I’m not a competitive person. 

How do you keep your kiddos active?

They do everything from ju jitsu to ballet, gymnastics to swimming, and yoga when we have time. I want them to have physical activity in their daily lives so it becomes something they just know. 

Launched in September,  Topfit is an elite fitness studio with programming created for Hong Kongers that are looking to push themselves to exceptional levels, with custom equipment, Ironman trainers and workouts like ‘Make Me An Athlete’ and ‘Curves Ahead.’

Topfit,  3/F, 198 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong. Call +852 2776 7298 or email for bookings. 

Image courtesy of Lindsay Jang. 


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