From LA To Chicago, Hong Kong’s Vegan OmniPork Lands In Restaurants Across America

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OmniPork is now making its way across U.S. restaurants, from Los Angeles and San Francisco to the Midwest. This summer, 25 F&B brands will be serving up dishes featuring the 100% vegan pork analogue.

OmniPork, the vegan pork analogue developed by Hong Kong’s OmniFoods, will be launching in restaurants across America this summer. The brand made its U.S. debut in April, when the trio of OmniPork Ground, Luncheon, and Strips landed on menus in honour of Earth Day. 

Now, 15 more restaurant brands are adding OmniPork to their offerings, including additional California locations in Oakland and Orange County. A national pop-up brand—Southern Fried Vegan—will take vegan OmniPork dishes all the way to the Midwest too. In total, there will be 25 restaurants in the country serving OmniPork.

Pastelillos with OmniPork at Casa Borinqueña.

Sandwiches, pastelillos, and banh mi

Thanks to the versatility of OmniFoods’ plant-based pork products, the new dishes will be diverse in culinary style and cuisine. Diners can expect everything from classic American burgers to Vietnamese banh mi. There’s even traditional Chinese dumplings and noodle bowls and Japanese sushi. 

These creations will be designed by some of the country’s most renowned chefs. Among them are Michelin-starred Joshua Gil of Mirame and chef Don Phan of Kensho.  

Some of the names in the new batch of restaurants to serve OmniPork this June include Malibu’s Burgers in Oakland, California, Los Angeles-based Brothecary, and Orange Country’s Nice Guys. Southern Fried Vegan will be popping up across the country too, from Chicago all the way to Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Iowa. 

Beleaf Burgers’ OmniPork Banh Mi featuring sweet glaze and garlic aioli, Omnipork Luncheon, pickled onions and daikon.

We are continuing to work with fantastic restaurant partners and creative chefs.

David Yeung, Founder, OmniFoods & Green Monday

U.S. plant-based demand on the rise

The extended launch of OmniPork in the U.S. comes as the country experiences a surge in interest in plant-based foods. In 2020, plant-based retail sales in America topped US$7 billion for the first time—growing twice as fast compared animal food categories.

Much of the demand is down to the pandemic-driven rise in awareness of health and nutrition, as well as the sustainability concerns. OmniPork, which is made from non-GMO soy, peas, mushrooms and rice, contains less saturated fat, no cholesterol and antibiotics. It also comes with a smaller carbon footprint compared to traditionally produced pork. 

Altogether, the global livestock industry accounts for as much as 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The industry is also uses up huge amounts of land, water and drives deforestation. Factory farms, in particular, have been spotlighted by experts as a hotbed of rising zoonotic diseases too. 

Tantanmen with OmniPork at Kensho.

OmniPork going global

Headquartered in Hong Kong and with a R&D team in Canada, OmniFoods has been making its way around the world since its inception back in 2018. It now boasts a presence across 20 markets globally, and most recently entered the British market before launching in America. 

We are incredibly excited to bring OmniPork to more people.

David Yeung, Founder, OmniFoods & Green Monday

Commenting on its U.S. expansion, Green Monday and OmniFoods founder and CEO David Yeung said: “After our successful expansion throughout Asia and initial launch here this Spring, we are continuing to work with fantastic restaurant partners and creative chefs who appreciate the impact food can have on our world.”

“We are incredibly excited to bring OmniPork to more people as we work with additional partners across America,” he added. 

The food tech has also made clear its ambition to bring more plant-based alternatives—beyond pork—to the world. It recently launched a new line of OmniSeafood products, ranging from vegan tuna to salmon, including the first non-breaded plant-based fish fillet. 

All images courtesy of Green Monday / OmniFoods.


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