Model Arizona Muse Wants To ‘Make Soil Sexy’ With Her New Charity

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British-American fashion model Arizona Muse has a new mission. She wants to “make soil sexy” by launching a new biodynamic farming charity called Dirt. It’s all about boosting biodiversity, replenishing the soils and taking care of the community. For Muse, making biodynamic farming popular is “one of our best solutions to the climate crisis”. 

The international supermodel who has appeared on over 40 Vogue covers throughout her career is going all-in on her environmental activism. Called Dirt, the new charity launched by Muse is on a mission to promote biodynamic farming. 

Biodynamic farming

Unlike modern industrial farming methods, the approach Muse wants to make popular treats the farm as an entire living ecosystem. That means taking a holistic approach with ecological, social and economic impacts in mind. Some of the key aspects biodynamic farmers focus on include nourishing the soil with compost and crop rotations. 

By replenishing the soil, the land is able to store more water and absorb more carbon dioxide from the air. It also means maintaining the biodiversity of animals, flora and fauna. 

Dirt, which launched at the recent Future Fabrics Expo in London recently, aims to bring this approach to farming to more areas around the world. “Dirt will make soil sexy,” says Muse. 

Arizona Muse
Arizona Muse. (Image: Arizona Muse via Instagram)

‘One of our best solutions to the climate crisis’

Speaking about her decision to start the foundation, Muse said: “From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, almost everything we rely on as human beings originates from the soil. Yet our disregard for this precious resource means we risk destroying one of our best solutions to the climate crisis.”

“The food sector is catching on, but the apparel industry is fashionably late to the party,” she added. 

Dirt will work to create new opportunities and markets for biodynamic farms by funding new scientific research and conversion projects. In addition, it will support the movement with education programs and workshops to increase awareness of the benefits of sustainable agriculture, from fashion to food. 

Once the charity matures, Dirt will promote biodynamic farming opportunities in other industries, including the beauty and jewellery sectors. 

Source: Dirt

Social impact

Beyond promoting a more environmentally-friendly agricultural system, Dirt seeks to improve the livelihoods of farmers too. Despite the world depending on farm workers for their fresh supply of food and raw materials, they are often among the world’s poorest and lack access to basic needs. 

In the wake of the pandemic, many farm workers have also been left in precarious situations without adequate protections to ensure their safety.  

“Dirt gives the opportunity for businesses that understand how they have damaged soils in the past to give back to the planet with certainty,” said Muse. “It also offers a path to a better quality of life for the farmers who are too often overlooked despite their huge contribution to the economy and society.”

Lead image courtesy of Arizona Muse via Instagram.


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