Vegan Ingredients Supplier Green Boy Enters Plant-Based Dairy Market

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Los Angeles and Amsterdam-based Green Boy Group have entered the plant-based dairy market. It has debuted a new functional vegan ingredient, Plant-Dairy Protein, developed specifically for plant-based dairy makers. It comes after the company successfully launched its plant-based meat protein in the U.S. and European markets. 

Green Boy Group, a plant-based ingredients supplier, has expanded its line-up with Plant-Dairy Protein. The new product is a “dairy grade” neutral-tasting functional plant protein powder designed to help food brands create plant-based dairy replacements. Made from non-GMO plant proteins, the company says it can enhance the mouthfeel, textural qualities and boosts nutritional value in dairy substitutes. 

Taking the alt-dairy plunge 

Green Boy says that launching a plant-based dairy ingredient product was a “logical” next step for the company. The firm, which also operates out of Sydney, noted that the plant-based dairy market is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global vegan food industry. 

Plant-Dairy Protein can be used to make a number of vegan dairy alternatives. (Image: Green Boy Group)

While consumers had been shifting away from traditional dairy for a number of years, the trend has picked up pace amid the pandemic. One recent trend analysis noted that vegan milk is one of the most popular items among mainstream consumers, many of them flexitarian rather than exclusively vegan.

“We were approached by a lot of plant-based dairy producers,” said Green Boy Group co-founder Peter van Dijken. “The only logical step for us was to develop a functional plant-based protein that specifically caters to the plant-based dairy needs.” 

“The plant-based dairy products are developing rapidly in all sorts of forms and shapes, and you have to be able to keep up with their demands. Our customers want to create the ultimate plant-based cheese, yoghurt or spread,” added co-founder Frederik Otten. 

Diversifying plant proteins

Green Boy Group’s new Plant-Dairy Protein comes in four different types. (Image: Green Boy Group)

Green Boy says Plant-Dairy Protein will come in four different types, each made using a different base ingredient. These include peas, mung beans, fava beans and chickpeas—four crops that are becoming popular but still much less utilised by brands compared to soybeans, almonds, cashews and coconuts when it comes to vegan dairy products. 

Some brands that have begun using these plant proteins include Nestlé, which recently launched a pea-based Wunda line of vegan milk, and Stockeld Dreamery, a Swedish food tech that has created plant-based feta out of fava beans. 

The company says that beyond dairy substitute applications, its new Plant-Dairy Protein can also be used to make vegan egg analogues. Eat Just uses mung bean protein to create its famous plant-based JUST Egg. 

“Eggs are not a dairy product, but quite often associated [with] breakfast or lunch. Plant-Dairy Protein has been proof tested in alternative plant-based egg product[s] and works excellent for this type of product due to the high solubility percentage, the forming of texture and texture stability during frying or when scrambled,” states Green Boy.

Green Boy Group co-founders Peter van Dijken (L) and Frederik Otten (R). (Image: Green Boy Group)

Plant-based protein platform

Since its inception in 2016, Green Boy Group has been offering its non-GMO and organic ingredients range to plant-based alternative makers. It supplies brands across North America, Europe and Australia. 

The debut of its plant-based dairy protein comes on the heels of its Plant-Meat Protein launch in the U.S. and European markets. Green Boy says there has been “tremendous market interest” following the launch. 

“As the market leader in the plant-based protein segment we have the technical know-how, experience and capability to supply the industry,” said Otten. He added that the company aims to continue innovating a “versatile range of functional plant-based protein in terms of superior texture, flavour profile, mouthfeel and protein enhancement”. 

All images courtesy of Green Boy Group.


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