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Remember being 16 years old? All moping moodiness and contempt for the sad state of the world? Remember doing something about it? We could not be more inspired by the amazing passion, commitment, professionalism and social consciousness of the South Island School students who run The Innovation, a yearly fashion show entirely organized by students which supports an important environmental or social cause.

How was The Innovation started?

The Innovation began in 2007 when South Island School student Dominic Lee came up with the idea to run a student fashion show for charity as his CAS Project (a compulsory component of the IB Diploma). As it was a major success, the event became an official annual event for the school.

Consequently, the show is taken over by a new team of seven students who volunteer to take on the exciting task of matching up with the previous years in terms of event as well as raising awareness and supporting a new cause.

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What is the mission of The Innovation?

 Our mission is three-fold:

  1. To raise funds and awareness for a selected charity (which is different each year)
  2. To provide opportunities for students to gain practical hands-on experience whether it be for event organisers or student designers
  3. To showcase young talented designers by presenting collections of each designer, increasing their exposure.


Tell us a little more about the cause this year’s show is championing?

This year, the Innovation is supporting the Teng Hoi Conservation Organisation, an NGO based in Hong Kong which advocates for a sustainable environment. They have worked closely with students and schools all around Hong Kong such as International Schools Foundation, Island School, a local primary school in the New Territories, South Island School and more. Currently, they have already set up a composting system in International Schools Foundation where they upcycle their food waste into fresh fertiliser.

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What are your goals for this year’s show?

Our main goal is, of course, to make this year’s show the best it has ever been! We are particularly thrilled this year because we are looking at internally rebranding. We want to provide even more opportunities for students to get involved by having more student designers (and subsidising their costs to help them out a little) and more performers (which will hopefully make for an even more exciting show)!

How can Hong Kongers get involved with The Innovation?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to the event which will have tickets at the door as well as an online reservation process!

However, if you like to get even more involved (which we would be immensely grateful for) we are looking for sponsors and student performers. Email us or check us out on Facebook for more details!

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What are some of your favourite charities?

Of course we love Teng Hoi Conservation Organisation and the work they do with students across Hong Kong! However, we also love International Care Ministries whom the Innovation supported last year. The upcoming Innovation head team have yet to decide which cause they feel most strongly about, but we are certain that next year’s cause will be just as important as this year’s.

Green Queen Giving is a monthly series where we will showcase one of the the amazing NGOs and charities that we are proud to list in our Green Queen Guide to Hong Kong.


All photos courtesy of The Innovation. 


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